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I'll bring my babies home to Scotland.


WITHIN months of their whirlwind marriage, beautiful Scots actress Neve McIntosh gave her husband the shock of his life.

She told cameraman Alex Sahle that any children they have will be brought up in Scotland.

Neve, 31, admits it caused conflict with the born-and-bred Londoner.

She is the second star to promise her children will stay close to their roots - after Gail Porter told her pop star husband Dan Hipgrave their daughter will have a Scottish accent.

Gail is so determined to give her baby Honey a tartan twang, she is playing Rab C. Nesbitt tapes to her.

But videos won't be enough for glamorous Neve, who has a starring role in BBC1's big Boxing day drama, The Hound Of The Baskervilles. She stunned her husband after hearing him tell friends their London house wasn't in the best area for children.

The fiery actress told him: "That doesn't matter... because my kids will be brought up in Scotland."

Neve, who moved from Paisley to Edinburgh when she was nine, revealed: "I accused Alex of not wanting his children to grow up with a different accent to his. He was quite upset but I'd hate my kids not to be brought up in Scotland.

"Before I started making money as an actress, I always took the bus from London to Edinburgh. When we hit the Borders, the air changed and smelled so much sweeter.

"I used to be very full-on about being Scottish, maybe too much. But I'm very proud of my roots.

"I feel part of a very special people. Scots have done so much in the world. We're a small nation yet we've given the world so much."

Moving north again won't be the first impulsive decision Neve has ever made.

She admits she married Alex before she really knew him. They wed within a year of meeting on the set of the TV drama, Psychos.

Neve said: "Marrying a guy I hardly knew was scary, shocking and exciting. Our families were pretty shocked. In fact, his mum thought we were kidding.

"We jumped straight in at the deep end and bought a wreck of a house and did it up.

"We knocked out walls and there was dust and muck everywhere.

"But living down here is quite hard for me. I miss the Edinburgh New Year celebrations terribly.

"I used to go down to the Tron kirk and have an absolute riot. London is pathetic - all they've got to offer is Trafalgar Square."

In The Hound Of The Baskervilles, she stars alongside Richard E. Grant, Richard Roxburgh, Geraldine James and Ian Holm.

She said: "My character, Beryl, is a battered and bruised woman in a lot of ways.

"I'm the central character - and I tell Sherlock Holmes everything that's happened. I am hopeful that this will be my big break in this country."

Neve is heading north soon to make a film with Dougray Scott in Tomintoul, Speyside.

She smiled: "Even though I know it will be snowing and blowing gales over the next few weeks, I can't wait. I'm going to love it."

But Neve is also keen to get back to the love of her life, Alex.

She said: "My marriage is the longest relationship I've ever had. I never thought it would be this good.

"It's very easy-going. We have a good laugh and we're close friends.

"I'd love to get all broody and have kids in the next couple of years.

"If I did have them, I would want to stop working for a while. I'd want to be able to raise my kids, not farm them out to anyone else.

"But we're not trying for kids right now - just practising."
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Dec 22, 2002
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