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Byline: James Moncur

EVEN as he prepared to admit a savage double murder, crazed Shaun Alexander found time to torment his 17-year-old ex-lover.

Adele Kettrick was sickened by Alexander's crime and wanted nothing more to do with him but the killer kept bombarding her with vile 'love letters'.

One even arrived on the day Alexander told a court how he slaughtered ex-wife Nicola Johnston and her new lover, Kevin Braid, as they bathed in a hot tub.

The chilling note read: 'I'm sorry it has ended up me being here ... we could have been good together.'

The 17-year-old fought back tears yesterday as she described Alexander, 32, as a 'monster'.

And she told how she feared for her life as police hunted for the crazed killer.

Adele visited Alexander in prison and he showed no remorse for his actions.

She said: 'He told me that he didn't care about Kevin Braid and said he could rot in hell.

'He said it was Nicola he felt really sorry for because she just got in the way.'

Adele received the latest letter on Monday morning - the day Alexander appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh and admitted the savage murders.

In the one-and-a-half-page note, he said menacingly: 'If you meet somebody they better look after you like I wanted to.'

It is also obvious that, in Alexander's twisted mind, he thinks Adele ditched him because they have spent too long apart - and not because he is a murderer.

He moaned: 'I have missed not speaking to you...but you have a life as well.

'You are young, it would be wrong to ask you to wait for me.'

Later in his letter, he wrote: 'As I said, you won't have to go to court as I'm going to get it over and done with.'

Then, chillingly, he adds: '. . and a s I also said, they can't keep me forever, can they'.

In his letter, Alexander says he plans to see his children while in jail, and even speaks of getting access to little Taylor - the toddler son he robbed of a loving mother.

He claimed: 'I am getting to see two of my children which is abig load off my mind.

'All I need now is to get to see Taylor.' Adele, who was only 16 when Alexander first made a move on her, said she feels 'physically sick' when she thinks about his crimes.

The teenager, from Glenrothes in Fife, said Alexander took 'complete advantage' of her and used his charm to seduce her.

She said yesterday: 'Every night I think about Nicola and Kevin's relatives and it makes me feel so sad.'

Adele, who is training to be a nursery nurse, added: 'It could have been me he killed.

'I saw him in his car just before the attack and he could easily have flipped out then.'

Alexander stalked his estranged wife for months before he butchered her and her 42-year-old lover Kevin Braid at the businessman's home in Leslie, Fife.

He slaughtered them as they relaxed in an outdoor tub with friends on October 10 last year. He fled the scene, leaving a bloodbath behind him.

When he was eventually captured, he told police: 'I went a bit mental.'

At Monday's hearing in Edinburgh, David Young, prosecuting, said Alexander, of East Wemyss, Fife, had refused to accept his relationship with 23-year-old student nurse Nicola was over.

Mr Young said: 'He said that if he found her with anyone else he would attack or kill them both.'

Adele said she heard of the killings the following afternoon when a friend told her Alexander had 'run his ex-wife over'.

She added: 'I phoned up another pal and was told the story about the murders.

'I was very worried because he was on the run and I thought he might come for me.'

Shortly after the conversation with her friend. Alexander phoned Adele on her mobile and told her: 'I'm going to go to jail.'

Adele said officers arrived just seconds later and took her to the local police station.

They asked her to set up a meeting with Alexander but he never phoned back.

She added: 'The police took a long time catching him because they were initially looking for him in his black Vauxhall Astra.

'I told them he'd swapped it for an old Volvo on the afternoon of the murders and it wasn't long after that they caught him.'

Alexander was well known in the area for fathering at least five children and having a violent temper.

And Adele admitted she should have listened to the warnings from her friends and family.

She said: 'They all told me to ditch him and I now know they were right. He's a sick monster who should never get out.'

Adele admitted she visited Alexander in jail in the weeks after the murder because she was 'mixed up' by what happened.

The teenager added: 'When I think back about going to the prison, I feel like I want to be sick.'


REGRETS: Adele says Alexander has plagued her with letters. Top, the killer with his wife Nicola, who he murdered in a hot tub with her lover Kevin , above; GEORGEMcLUSKIE
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 3, 2005

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