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I/B/E/S International Inc. Introduces Today I/B/E/S S&P 500 Aggregates - A Money Management Tool For Sector Rotation

NEW YORK, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- I/B/E/S International, Inc. announces the linkage of its earnings-per-share forecast information to the S&P 500(R) industry and sector classifications. Capitalizing on the success of I/B/E/S Global Aggregates product that examines international markets on a country level, the S&P 500 Aggregates product allows money managers who invest in the U.S. to make better sector and industry investment decisions.

The S&P 500 Sector and Industry Aggregates provides users with bottom-up forecasts and related data for the S&P 500 Index itself, as well as for sectors, industries and composites of the S&P. Information is updated monthly and contains historical information dating back to January, 1985. With the historical data the product allows users to spot future industry trends and changes before the overall market responds.

The product is designed to help U.S. money managers to outperform the Index by enabling them to target industries with higher-than-expected growth rates or industries that may be trading at a discount compared to the overall composite.

Product Manager John Eliseo believes that the S&P 500 Aggregate product "is an invaluable tool for those who manage money based on sector rotation."

I/B/E/S International, Inc. is a global financial information company best known as the premier provider of brokerage analysts earnings forecasts. In 1996, I/B/E/S entered the real-time research distribution business with I/B/E/S Trapeze, capitalizing on existing relationships with over 800 brokerage houses and more than 1,500 buy-side institutions.

I/B/E/S is a subsidiary of the Primark Corporation, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Primark is a $900 million global provider of information technology solutions, combining advanced software and applications with some of the most accurate, timely and comprehensive databases in the world. The company, through its subsidiaries, targets the data intensive financial, government, weather and communications/computer information markets.

S&P 500 is a registered trademark of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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/CONTACT: Ed Keon, 212-437-8330, Rick Pucci, 212-437-8310, or Rachael Sokov, 212-437-8335, all of I.B.E.S International/


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Date:Jun 25, 1997
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