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I've sent in my dues ... now what? When will I receive confirmation and a new member or renewal kit?

Congratulations! You've paid your ADAA dues, and that means your membership in your professional organization is a very important aspect of your career. In addition to continuing education, insurance, credit cards and travel benefits, ADAA membership allows communications and networking with assistants around the world, as well as other members of the dental profession. It also provides a strong voice and support for all efforts pertaining to your chosen career.

Your ADAA Central Office has updated the actual membership processes in an effort to better serve your needs. After reviewing this, if you have any questions or need additional membership applications, please contact ADAA Central Office membership staff. Thank you for your support and understanding.


If you are renewing your membership and submit your check or credit card payment in the envelope provided with yor first notice, your renewal will follow this path:

* Your renewal payment comes to Central Office for processing and is entered into ADAA's database on a first-come, first-served basis. During peak times this can take up to three weeks.

* Membership information is then collected and your membership card and/or certificate is created. Central Office needs two to four weeks to create the card, and then it is mailed to you.

Your membership card should arrive within four weeks of ADAA receiving your payment.

New Members

The process is similar for new members of ADAA. The processing time is the same as for renewals, and new members should receive their membership card as well as a new member packet within four weeks of application and payment.

Please note that the processing time is substantially delayed for incomplete applications. Some examples:

* Incomplete payment

* Incomplete required information (address, name, etc.)

* Nonpayment of constituent or component dues

* Incorrect address

* For renewing student members, schools must sign off on the student's renewal invoice

* Student checks not acceptable unless certified

Semi-Annual Payment Plan

This is the same for renewals or new members; your first check or credit card payment is applied when you send your renewal or application (one-half of total dues plus a $5 service charge and a one-time $10 insurance charge). Your new card will show your six-month expiration date. Your next half-year payment that does not include a service charge or insurance charge will be billed to you prior to the new expiration date printed on your new membership card. At the end of the second six-month cycle of your membership, you will be billed for a full year and given the option of a half-year payment. When paying for six months, the date six months forward becomes your expiration date and this is the date on your national record and that which is sent to your state.

There is a special payment plan for students converting to Active Member status.

Your membership card should arrive within four weeks of ADAA receiving your payment.

If at any time after submitting your renewal or application and before receiving your membership card you should require proof of membership to attend a function or to apply for member benefits, you may call Member Records at 312-541-1550 x 213. Proof of membership verification can be mailed or faxed to you. Please have date of cancelled check or date charged to credit card available. If payment was submitted and you have not received anything within four weeks, call the office at 312/541-1550 x 201.

Special Note for Students Converting to Active Membership

You may wonder why your new membership card reads "AS1." This is because of ADAA's sliding scale of reduced dues for student-to-active members. During the first year after graduation dues for this category of member will be $45 plus state dues. Second year (AS2) will be $65 plus state dues and third year (AS3) will be $85 plus state dues. The next year, full dues will be charged.

Relationships to State and Local Components

As a new member, your name is added to a monthly report of new members that is sent to the State Roster Recipient and Trustee designated to receive this roster. Your future expiration date is included.

Similarly, when you renew your membership, your name is listed along with your new expiration date and this list is sent monthly to your state regardless of whether you pay a full or half year.

States Receive the Following Reports Monthly:

(one line, no phone numbers)

* New Members/students

* Renewed Members

* Rebate Report

Quarterly Report

* X-Ref List--includes your address, telephone number, e-mail and, for Fellowship enrollees, clinical pathway.

I did not receive my card within 4 * Incorrect/insufficient
weeks. address or returned mail

 * Payment was not complete/

 * Check to make sure it has
 been billed to your
 account; if so, call office
 with date billed

My charge card has not been * Payment was not received in

charged for membership. * Incorrect credit card number

 * Credit card declined

 * All credit cards are
 processed on Thursdays of
 each week

Why didn't I receive a bill? * The database is designed to
 send 3 bills; after the
 last bill is sent, the
 system does not rebill

 * Record type is "past

 * Incorrect address/return

How many bills are submitted? * For January billing, a bill
 is first sent in November,
 2nd bill is sent in
 December, 3rd bill in
 January; this same
 procedure applies to all

I did not receive my Journal. * Journals are sent to all
 active members and Journal

 * Call our office to verify we
 have current/correct
 address information

I received my card but the expiration * Your payment is applied to
date is incorrect. the invoice number on your

 * Your membership has an
 outstanding balance on a
 previous invoice

 * Call our office with date
 of cancelled check or date
 payment was charged to
 credit card

Who gets my information after I * An updated list is sent to
join/renew? the State Roster Recipient
 and District Trustee by the
 15th of the following

How do I get information about * It is included in your
other ADAA benefits? renewal package or New
 Member kit

If I am a member of DANB, am I also * No, we are not affiliated
a member of ADAA? with DANB

If I have a question regarding my * Contact the Manager, Member
membership, who do I contact? Records, at 312/541-1550 x
 213 or e-mail; if
 further assistance is
 required call x 201 or

 * Please have your ADAA
 membership information

Debra Von Alman, CDA, RDA, Richfield, MN, is both a Certified Dental Assistant and Registered Dental Assistant and has long been active with the American Dental Assistants Association on the local, slate and national level. She is a graduate of Hibbing Technical College Dental Assisting Program and has been an assistant for over 20 years working both clinically and administratively, and is Office Manager for Park Dental. She is ADAA's national Vice President and has served in several state and local offices of the association.
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