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I've got the POWER; From stranger to Zeo Ranger!

THIS week Mega Mirror is edited by Catherine Sutherland - the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo.

TV's favourite teen superheroes the Power Rangers zap on to our TV screens today in a new series called Power Rangers Zeo. Catch them every Saturday on GMTV at 8.55am. Pink Ranger Catherine Sutherland has slipped into the editor's chair at Mega Mirror to bring you the lowdown.

BEING a Power Ranger is a pretty tough job. When I found out I had the part as Katherine the Pink Ranger, my life turned upside down.

I'm Australian and suddenly here I was living and working in Los Angeles - it was scary but very exciting.

I had three call-backs before I found out I had the role. During one audition, I had to perform 30 seconds of martial arts. I hadn't got much experience, so a friend coached me.

Thank heavens I had a dance background - that saved me in the audition. The training involves the same flexibility, discipline, balance and co-ordination as a dance routine and so that made it much easier.

The filming schedule is hard. I work five days a week, starting at 5.30am and finishing around 5 or 6pm, with half an hour for lunch.

But it's a lot of fun and Nakia, the Yellow Ranger, and I are best friends. When we're not filming together we miss each other.

There's lots of new stuff in Power Rangers Zeo - our fans will hardly recognise us. The Power Rangers have a new source of energy called the Zeo Crystal and new powers we only dreamed of before.

We have a new fleet of Zords, new uniforms and colour assignments. But the villains are deadlier than ever - Queen Machina and King Mondo have their own gang of baddies called the Cogs.

The five selected to serve the cause of freedom and justice are my character Katherine, Zeo Ranger no.1 (Pink); Tanya, Zeo Ranger no.2 (Yellow); Rocky, Zeo Ranger no.3 (Blue); Adam, Zeo Ranger no.4 (Green) and Tommy, Zeo Ranger no.5 (Red). The Zeo Rangers stand ready to take on all the monsters King Mondo and Queen Machina can conjure up and hurl our way.

I'm giving away 35 trendy Power Rangers Zeo rucksacks from Dekker Toys. To win one, tell us which Power Ranger I play in the new series.

Answers on a postcard to Mega Mirror, Power Rangers Comp, PO Box 4024, London, E14 5BZ.

Join the

team at


ENGLAND take on Mexico in a friendly at Wembley on March 29 and YOU could be there.

All you have to do is enter our megatastic SNICKERS Fair Play competition. We're looking for four fans between nine and 14 to be part of the SNICKERSFair Play squad.

You'll get to walk onto the hallowed Wembley turf in front of your favourite players and we'll also throw in travel, accommodation and top tickets for the game. The Fair Play banner is carried out whenever England play at Wembley and here's your chance to reinforce the message "Play hard, but play fair".

SNICKERS sponsors major tournaments such as the World Cup '98 and also supports English schools' football, helping develop future stars. To enter, answer these questions:

1. What is the capital of Mexico? 2. Which club do Tony Adams and Paul Merson play for?

ANSWERS on a postcard, together with your name, age, address and telephone number to Mega Mirror, PO Box 4022, London, E14. 5BX.


HERE'S another record-breaking competition from Mega Mirror.

We've teamed up with CIC to celebrate the video release of The Land Before Time IV - Journey Through The Mist and we want you to design a dino. We'll turn the winning design into the biggest soft toy in the world.

The Land Before Time stars friendly dinosaur Littlefoot and his prehistoric pals Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike and his shy new friend Ali.

They go to the land of Mists in search of a rare flower to heal Littlefoot's sick grandfather.

To enter our Jurassic competition draw a dino friend for Littlefoot. You can make your drawings as bold and colourful as you like. We'll pick a winner which will be made into a cuddly toy more than 12 feet tall. The toy will then by auctioned off for charity and the winner will receive a 6ft version.

Five runners up will bag The Land Before Time IV vid and a cuddly dino.

MAKE sure your drawings are no more than A4 size and post them to Mega Mirror, Land Before Time IV Comp, PO Box 4022, London, E14 5BX. Tell us your name, age, address and telephone number.

Clean up and put a sparkle in your smile

IF YOU think brushing your teeth is a chore, think again. The Jordan Amigos - a toothbrush for young children - is designed to make brushing your teeth fun.

The range comes with an easy-to-grip handle, featuring a robot, a racing car, a tiger and a mouse.

Mega has teamed up with Jordan to give away six fantastic children's bicycles. Twenty runners up receive a Jordan's T-shirt.

To stand a chance of winning one of these great prizes, we want you to tell us the four characters featured on the new Jordan Amigos toothbrush.

Send your answers on a postcard, together with your name, address and age, to Mega Mirror, PO Box 6, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HH.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Sutherland, Catherine
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 15, 1997
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