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I've got a lovely bunch of Yoconuts.

COCONUTS may never be the same again.

Entrepreneur John Grimmett has come up with an idea to revolutionise the tough-shelled nuts.

Dubbed the Yoconut, the Geordie nuts come ready-stripped of their tough brown shells, making the sweet coconut milk inside easier to reach.

John, of Heaton, Newcastle, dreamed up the idea after a trip to Mexico to visit his brother who emigrated to the coconut-rich coastal city of Manzanillo.

Thirst-quenching coconut water is a staple drink for locals, who live in temperatures of up to 100F.

John, 46, said: "Skilled tradesmen are adept at stripping the shells, but it's too much hassle for people over here.

"But with the shell removed you can have the lovely rich coconut milk, with a the edible white flesh as its container.

"It's the real thing, it's so pure and fresh. Mass produced coconut milk just cannot compare."

John struck a deal with tradesmen in Mexico and recently had a consignment of 29,000 shell-less coconuts shipped over to England.

John has now set up a website,


I'VE CRACKED IT : John Grimmett is hoping his shell-less coconuts business will take off
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 10, 2007
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