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I've always been one for sniffing animals; Presenter Chris Packham, 56, on smelly beasts and his Really Wild stunts.

One of my weirder ideas for The Really Wild Show. I wanted to see if humans could mimic the 200mph dives that Peregrine falcons do. On a tandem skydive you'd never go that fast for fear of being ripped in half, but we did. We went up in a plane, jumped out, stuck our hands to our sides and went plummeting towards Earth. When the fellow strapped to me deployed the chute, well, I sounded like Michael Jackson for about three days. I had hideous bruises around my loins and walked funny for a while.

The wonderful late Terry Nutkins, aw. That lion cub had been abanonded, so was being hand-reared, hence we were able to handle it like this. Michaela Strachan and I have been presenting together the best part of 30 years and I really enjoy working with her. I don't always enjoy working with people; I'm happy to fail myself, but I don't like to be failed by anyone else. But Michaela would never fail me. She is the person - other than my sister and father - I've known longest on the planet.

An absurd 80s photo of me wearing a tail. Although I do like that the tip of the tail matches my hair, that's attention to detail. Again, this was another part of The Really Wild Show where we were living for a day with appendages that animals have. My colleagues had horns and antlers. I was walking around, getting a few strange looks - did a bit of cycling. Unfortunately, there were some young gentlemen who presumed the tail was not a tail but something else, I recall that causing some friction. I remember saying, 'Look, it's furry!'

I've always been one for enjoying the smell of animals. I once found a jaguar in Brazil by just smelling it - which both astonished and amused my colleagues. It was there, though, so they did have to eat humble pie. I went on Jimmy Fallon's US talk show and got him to smell the porcupine - not something he normally does on a Saturday night, I imagine. I was invited on a few times to bring on animal guests. The porcupine is one of my favourite animals. It's the third largest rodent in the world - they have a distinct smell. Which is why I'm holding it against his

Ahh, one of my greatest mentors, Bill Oddie. This was at the opening of a lion exhibit at London Zoo and the Queen even turned up. Bill and I stood around moaning about which birds were disappearing fastest, then celebrating things we'd just seen, so it's always good to catch up with him - he's a fantastic man and a committed onservationist. He's one of those people who'll stick his neck out and if something's wrong, he'll fight for it.

You don't get any better than David Attenborough really, do you?

He's such a remarkable man and this picture was taken during one of our interviews - I've been lucky enough to interview him many times. He's the greatest living broadcaster and the greatest ever ambassador for wildlife and conservation. He's sat down with Obama, for goodness sake. And that's because he's at the top of his game and he's been there for a long time. I really like this photo - I don't like me in it, Ilike Dave in it.

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Date:Sep 10, 2017
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