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I'm unlikely action hero.. in electric car.

How did you come up with the idea for Bounty Hunters? It's a comedy. But also about terrorists. God knows how we came up with the story we did. My character is a highly-strung, emotionally-repressed PhD student who takes over his dad's antiques shop and buys a blood antiquity that has been looted from the Middle East.

He ends up enlisting the help of a bounty hunter in the shape of Rosie Perez to help get his money and his life back. How was working with Rosie Perez? I worked with Rosie years ago - she played the headmistress in the American pilot of Bad Education.

She's very collaborative. She told me how Puerto Ricans are obsessed with their hair and if you touch it they will absolutely snap your arm off, so we managed to get that into the script. And there's a fight sequence we did in a lift with me stood there not knowing what to do. She punched the wall in the first take and had to do the rest of the scene with a big, fat, red hand.

Any other scrapes? I'm always amazed when I'm let behind the wheel of a car, because I can't drive.

My character drives an electric car and Rosie hated being in it with me. There were screams of terror, even though we were only going a walking pace.

And we kept running out of battery. And I forgot to put the handbrake on and started rolling down hills. That was a bit humiliating.

Do you get to live out your action hero fantasies? There's a fair bit of trying to crow-bar that in. I did a chase scene, but it wasn't very impressive. I'm an unlikely action hero. Very reluctant. And in an electric car.

n Bounty Hunters is on Sky1 and NOW TV, Wednesdays, 10pm.


CRIME CAPERS Jack with Rosie Perez

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 29, 2017
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