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I'm not surprised; You Say

I WAS saddened to read your article about how few state school pupils from Merseyside go to Russell Group universities, but not surprised.

Universities have been issued guidance on the steps they should take to encourage students from all backgrounds to apply for places. This has been followed to the letter by most, but progress is unfortunately still slow.

With all the investment and best will in the world, talented students who haven't been encouraged to aim high will not apply for places.

The National Admissions Test for Law was established eight years ago to test a student's natural raw ability when applying to study law at university.

It provides invaluable information to universities seeking to find the talented students from less privileged backgrounds and is now seen as an essential admissions tool at eight of the UK's leading universities - seven of which are Russell Group.

Despite working together to achieve best practice and investing in ways to widen participation, universities can only choose from the applications they receive, which at present are overwhelmingly from students with more advantaged backgrounds.

? DOES Mrs.

really want to be one of a hospital bankrupt or of stuck on waiting private patients help pay off the Sam Semoff, Recent research has shown that fewer than half of state school teachers encourage Oxbridge applications, which explains why many talented students are failing to apply for university places, despite the existence of bursaries and support.

The process of raising the expectations of pupils from less privileged backgrounds cannot start when they start thinking about filling in their UCAS form. Young people from all backgrounds must be given encouragement throughout their education to aim high, only then will universities be able to level the higher education playing field.

Christopher Boulle, Director of the National Admissions Test For Law (LNAT)
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2012
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