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I'm not a sex god, by Mick.


MICK Jagger has admitted he struggles to live up to his "sex god" reputation.

The 60-year-old Rolling Stone said women are often disappointed because of their high expectations.

He said: "When you are said to be the f*** of the century, it's a matter of course that every woman is disappointed after the first night with you.

"It is a fact that this adventure playground behind the zip of my trousers has myth status on the groupie scene."

Mick admitted his marriages to Bianca and then Jerry Hall failed due to his unfaithfulness.

He said: "I am perhaps quite competent in bed but as a husband and long- term lover I have failed time and time again.

"Bianca and I tried it but we weren't happy. She would have had to have been the woman who I could be faithful to.

"In fact I don't know whether I can be faithful. I only know that I didn't want to be faithful to Bianca or Jerry. Of course I am responsible for the consequences."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 16, 2003
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