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I'm just waiting for the call to say the baby is on his way...

ASHLEY Taylor Dawson isn't scared of the Strictly judges.

The 31-year-old Hollyoaks actor is his own worst critic so he's much more worried about letting himself down on the live show.

Ashley, who is paired with previous winner Ola Jordan in the hit dance show, says: "If Craig tears me to pieces or the judges point out a big mistake that will be because I've done something stupid.

"They are experts and I've got complete respect for them. If they say I've made a mess of it it's not them being nasty - they'll be right - and that's my worst fear. I'm a real perfectionist and I don't want to let myself - or Ola - down on the night."

HOPEFUL: Ola Ashley Taylor rehearsing in of the live shows " Ashley and Ola have been locked away in their Liverpool rehearsal room every night perfecting their routine for the live show.

Ashley says: "It's been a hectic few weeks.

"I'm still full time on Hollyoaks so I do 8am-7pm there every day then I go into town and meet Ola for 8pm and we dance til midnight. Then I go home to my fiancee and our little boy and I get up the next morning and start again. I am running on adrenaline and I don't want to let anyone down."

Ashley and fiancee Karen are expecting a brother for their two-year-old son Buddy Mac any day.

"He was due yesterday and we've been hoping he might come a couple of days early.

"His brother was two weeks early, but he seems very happy where he is for now."

Ashley has had to travel to London for the live shows and the team have agreed to be flexible about whether he will perform in tonight's live show or tomorrow night's. Half of the dancers will appear on each show. He is carrying a special phone at all times which will only ring when the baby is on his way.

"It's so hard to predict that I just have to go and hope I can get back before he's bor n."

Ashley says he's looking forward to performing the routine he's been working on with Ola.

"Ola is fantastic. She has a reputation for pushing her partners very hard but that's exactly what I need.

Jordan and Dawson Liverpool ahead "I want to make sure that I get things right. I'm not a dancer and I've never had any training before but I've always been quite sporty and enjoyed keeping fit so I'm enjoying that side of it.

"There have been a few times where I've got a mental block about a particular set of steps. It's not the physical side, it's keeping my concentration levels up at the end of a long day. So I'll go for a quick run and come back to it. I'm lucky to be working with Ola - she's a real perfectionist too."

Ola has moved to Liverpool to train with Ashley each day.

"It's great that we can work on the routines every night. I know it's hard for her being away from James (Ola's husband James Jordan is Dancing with Vanessa Feltz in the show) but he comes up as much as he can. We have a laugh on Twitter, winding each other up, but I get on well with James. My fiancee and I have been out for dinner with him and Ola when he's been up. We're really lucky on Strictly, there's a great bunch of people and we get on well. I don''t feel like I'm competing against them - I'm competing with myself."


HOPEFUL: Ola Jordan and Ashley Taylor Dawson rehearsing in Liverpool ahead of the live shows
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 27, 2013
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