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I'm in panic over relaxation tape.


Q I FEEL anxious and panicky most of the time. My GP refused to give me tablets to calm my nerves but gave me a relaxation tape instead. Will it work?

A DOCTORS are very reluctant to prescribe "nerve tablets" as most of them are highly addictive and only work well in the short term.

The best treatment for anxiety is learning to control the symptoms using relaxation and behavioural techniques but it can take a few months to resolve.

Q MY dog had fleas so we got him treated but now I have little bites on my ankles. Could I also have fleas?

A ANIMAL fleas can't live on the human body because we don't have enough hair but they can survive for ages in carpets, rugs or on your dog's bedding (or your bed if he sleeps on it).

You have bites on your ankles because that is as high as the fleas can jump and if they can't feed on your dog's blood they'll try yours. Hoover, wash bedding, use disinfectant on his bed then treat the carpet with flea-killing chemicals.

Q MY daughter has Budd-Chiari syndrome. I know it concerns the liver but can you give us more details?

A BUDD-CHIARI syndrome is a rare disorder that results from abnormal blood clots developing in the veins that take blood from the liver to the heart.

If the veins become clogged with clot, pressure builds in the liver and it begins to swell. This leads to pain in the upper abdomen and swelling of the belly due to a build-up of fluid called ascites.

Causes can range from bone marrow disorders to abnormal reactions to the oral contraceptive pill. She may have to go on a blood thinner such as warfarin.

Q I HAVE been diagnosed with IgA deficiency. What exactly is it?

A THIS is a common genetic disorder and affects around one in 300 people. Your body lacks the ability to make immunoglobulin A so you are more likely to get infections such as sinusitis, urinary tract infections, colds and tonsillitis. There is no cure for the disorder but get treatment for an infection quickly after you notice symptoms.

Q I AManaemic - will there be any long-term effects?

A ANAEMIA means you do not have enough red blood cells carrying oxygen around the body. This results in you feeling tired, light-headed or faint.

If it is treated, there should be no significant long-term effects.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 7, 2008
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