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I'm in my early 20s and I still have acne; DR YVONNE CASEY'S COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE.


QI'M in my early 20s and still have acne. It gets a lot worse before my period (which isn't very regular). My GP recommended the pill but I would prefer a natural solution. AHORMONE-RELATED acne is very common and not everyone grows out of it in their teens. Start taking one tablet of Female Balance three times daily with meals, along with three capsules of Evening Primrose Oil (500mg) to be taken last thing at night. Keep taking these for at least six months. Female Balance can be ordered on 01292 317670 and Evening Primrose Oil is widely available in health shops. QIN my late teens I suffered with an eating disorder and although I'm now 22 I still have an anxiety about food and rarely feel hungry. Is there much I can do?

AABOUT 15 minutes before your three main meals, take 10 drops of Centaurium in a little water to stimulate your appetite. And after lunch and dinner, take 20 drops of Avena Sativa to reduce your feelings of unease around the subject of food. Both remedies are widely available Bioforce products.

QMY Caesarean section wound hasn't fully healed. Is there anything I can apply to it that would make it look better?

ABIOFORCE'S Silicea gel can improve the strength and elasticity of the skin and promote healing. You'll find the gel in most health shops.

QI GET a lot of bloating and have heard that eating wheat may be to blame. For how long should I avoid it to find out if it's to blame? ATHERE'S no doubt wheat can result in excessive wind and bloating. Strictly eliminate it from your diet for at least two months. As it can take a couple of weeks for any dietary changes to kick in, take eight drops of Bowel Essence in a little water twice daily after meals to ease your discomfort. Bowel Essence is a Jan de Vries remedy widely available in health shops. QI'M only in my early 20s and for the past few months have noticed my hair coming out in clumps. Should I be worried?

AIF you haven't yet been along to your GP, make an appointment to rule out certain medical conditions. Meanwhile, try Bioforce's Urticalcin. Take five tablets, dissolved slowly under the tongue twice a day, along with 15mg of Zinc Citrate twice daily. These will provide nutrients commonly lacking in people with hair loss. Both can be found in health shops.

QIS it OK to take Gingko Biloba after a stroke if on aspirin?

ANO. You must not take Gingko if on other anticoagulants (blood thinning agents). Instead, stick with one tablet twice daily of Arnica 30c, along with Cerebrum take 10 drops twice daily before meals to help improve memory and stamina. Cerebrum can be ordered on 01292 317670.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 4, 2004
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