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I'm in love with Julia! The man behind TV's Glee reveals his abiding passion: FILMS.

Byline: ROZ LAWS

JULIA Roberts had better watch out, because she has a famous fan whose ardour borders on stalking.

Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, has directed her in the new film Eat Pray Love, and is bubbling over with his admiration for his leading lady.

He gushes: "I grew up with Julia Roberts. I love her.

"I wanted to see a movie where she is in every scene!

"I had ideas that I wanted for Julia Roberts in make-up, hair and clothes, things that she had never done before.

"I was very obsessed with Sleeping With The Enemy. I see everything she has done but when I saw Erin Brockovich, wow!

"My favourite Julia Roberts' performance is in Closer, though. I know her well now and she is such a prude. She doesn't swear. She is very ladylike and to see that movie and hear the RYA words that come out of her m o u t h... I deeply admire her talent.

MURPHY THE "I am writing another movie for Julia right now that's much more comedic. I want to see a movie where she's a parent because she is so good with her kids. "Once you feel love from Julia Roberts, the skies open.

"I think she thinks I am kind of insane because I am so passionate about her."

Ryan and Julia share a passion for the bestseller Eat Pray Love. Ryan would even go as far as saying that the book changed his life. "It spoke to me on such a personal level," he says.

N"I had just come through a terrible BIGinterview break-up, and what it said to me is that it is never too late to reinvent yourself. It is never too late to try to be happy."

In the book, writer Liz Gilbert tries to recover from a divorce by travelling for a year.

Ryan says: "I know that not everybody can afford to take a year off from work and travel round the world. I can't. But I don't think you need to leave your house to try to find something spiritual.

"So the book expanded my worldview. It got me out of my shell."

Ryan, 44, was a journalist before Steven Spielberg bought one of his screenplays, the romantic comedy Why Can't I Be Audrey Hepburn? "I got to have meetings with him and we talked about Jaws. He took me under his wing and was really sweet to me. The movie was never made but everything I pitched out after that, because Steven had given me thumbs up, I sold."

Ryan shot to fame as the creator of the plastic surgery TV drama Nip/Tuck, before coming up with the phenomenal hit Glee, about a school choir.

"I got very depressed three years into Nip/Tuck because it was so dark and depraved, the characters would have sex with everyone and it was so violent!

"I wanted to do something that was much happier and a lot more optimistic, so I wrote Glee.

"That being said, my next movie is going to be something that's very dark. I do want to go back to the darkness!" NRYA the come her. I "I MURPHY THE BIGinterview now much I a movie a parent because In writer tries to divorce by


HANGER-ON: Ryan Murphy gets close to object of his affection Julia Roberts.
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Date:Sep 26, 2010
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