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I'm hooked on twisted games.

Byline: tellytalk WITH MARION MCMULLEN

LOOKING for an evil genius with a talent for twisted mind games? James Spader is the new villain on the block in Sky Living's new Friday night crime thriller The Blacklist.

It might start out looking like a Silence Of The Lamb clone with Spader turning up as renegade agent Raymond "Red" Reddington after decades on the run, but stick with it.

Red does not want to feast on your liver with a nice bottle of chianti. He'd rather mess with your head and leave you a gibbering wreck. Like Hannibal | James as "Red" Lecter, Red has been on the FBI's most wanted list for ever, but turns up like a bad penny offering to help catch a terrorist on one condition ... he will only talk to rookie FBI profiler Liz Keen. "I'm going to make you famous," he informs her with a chilling little crocodile smile.

He's a master manipulator who knows all the secrets and where all the bodies are buried. Red just doesn't have skeletons in his closet he has whole graveyards.

Spader is magnificently sinister as the slightly bloated, cold fish who causes problems for both the good guys and the villains. The only side he's interested in is his own and it's the winning side. I'm already hooked on the twisted mind games and the reason behind Red's fascination with Liz. Suspect everyone.

NUN bun fun can only mean things are hotting up in the kitchen on The Great British Bake Off.

Contestants were asked to cook a fancy choux pastry concoction of chocolate and cream which looked like little nuns and are known as Religieuse.

At stake was a place in the quarter-finals, but poor Glenn didn't have a prayer.

Spader His nuns keeled over and lost their heads and his puff pastry later crumbled under judge Paul Hollywood's disapproving gaze.

Reddington Glenn really should have stuck to the traditional recipe instead of trying to improve on the original.

So Glenn packed his icing bag and left and it's now an all female contest battling to win the Great British Bake Off 2013 title.

Co-presenter Sue Perkins is certainly putting the sweet calories to good use.

She seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment ... QI, The Great British Quiz Of The 90s, Alan Carr.

Chocolate eclair and doughnut power is obviously a wonderful thing.


| James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington
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