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I'm dog TIRED; Sleepy pets curl up in cutest poses Pets and their people Your amazing animals and wonderful wildlife.

Byline: Kat Lay

ThESE snoozing animals are clearly dog tired - or in desperate need of a cat nap.

Some have fallen asleep in the strangest of places - just look at the ginger kitten nestled on a bookcase and the labrador in a bathroom sink.

And the effort of pulling himself up on to a stool was all too much for one cute kitten, who has closed his eyes, exhausted where he stands.

And they love their cuddly toys as much as we love them, with a puppy, cat and kitten all snuggling up in bed with tiny teddies. Another snap is a perfect demonstration of puppy love, showing four huskies cuddling on a table.

And one tabby kitten looks completely at home snoozing on his back on a patterned bedspread.

he must know that when he looks so adorable there's no danger of his kip being interrupted.

Pet owners keen to show off their four-legged friends inundated website with these snaps.

And these are the best of the lot, or as the puppy dressed as Winnie the Pooh might put it - the bee's knees.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 16, 2011
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