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I'm almost cheerful; Mailbag.

AUNTIE Cheerful wrote an uplifting letter Cheer Grumpy Up (Examiner, November 28) in a gallant attempt to cheer up grumpy old men likemewho are "always moaning about everything in the Examiner.'' I have to say, however, there's nothing quite like a good old moan about all sorts of things that deserve being soundly moaned at.

Take Christmas as a perfect example - and then there's the national debt, Gordon Brown, Simon Cowell, the EU and Leeds Utd.

Closer to home, a moan at Kirklees is always uplifting.

Take our awful roads (I wish somebody would), the Castle Hill debacle, horrific concrete eyesores, litter, traffic lights and the comedy Civic Centre windmills.

However, Auntie C is right to point out that the people of Huddersfield are a remarkably cheerful lot despite everything.

Behind the concrete horrors, Huddersfield has some terrific architecture.

We are surrounded by some stunning countryside - but enjoy it quickly before 30,000 new houses get built.

The prospects for Huddersfield Town Football Club seem better than they've been for years. If we're good enough we might even get promoted from the third division.

The Galpharm has long been a haven for the grumpy old men of Huddersfield who have been rather short of things to moan about recently ... oh, except we need heated seats and better pies.

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Title Annotation:Editorial
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 2, 2009
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