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I'm a bit ... well ... you know ... offended by trend of gay-boy jokes.

So, the Oscars tomorrow night and Brokeback Mountain - the 'gay cowboy movie' as if you didn't know - is nominated in no less than eight categories.

Can it repeat its BAFTA success of a fortnight ago when it scooped four of the top awards? It certainly seems to be on a roll.

Sadly, I haven't seen it. We had our first excursion to the cinema in, literally, years last month and the choice was between Brokeback Mountain and Munich.

We couldn't decide which so let the guy on the ticket desk, who'd seen both, make the call. He recommended Munich. Brokeback Mountain was a bit ... well ... you know .... We didn't but went with his choice anyway.

Bad decision. Munich was, at best, mediocre so we figured Brokeback must be really ropey. Now, I'm beginning to figure differently. I had thought the guy on the ticket desk meant it was a bit ... well ... you know ... rubbish. Now, I am thinking he meant it was a bit ... well ... you know ... gay.

The response to this film has been both fascinating and alarming. At first, it was seen as a bit of an amusing curiosity. Then there was all sorts of talk in the States about how brave a movie this was and how brave Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were to accept the roles.

Why? What's brave about playing someone in love? Did anyone call Ralph Fiennes brave for playing a Nazi war criminal?

And anyway, would this be the same Heath Ledger who stood up at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles and struck a mincing Mr Humphries pose when talking about his award-winning movie?

You'd like to think that Brokeback Mountain's triumph at the BAFTAs was a sign of an enlightened, liberal society but since then the gay-boy jokes in the press have been relentless: Should be re-named the Bufties. Har-har.

Wouldn't have minded if it had be two lezzies. Phoar-phoar. John Wayne will be turning in his grave. Snigger, snigger. But Wayne wasn't actually a cowboy - he was an actor. Am I the only one who finds this all a bit ... well ... you know ... offensive?
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 4, 2006
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