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I'm a CEO--get me out of here! (Layer One).

And now for something completely different....Dave Wilson has worked for many years with Design Engineering, a British equivalent of Design fax. We recently came across the following commentary he penned, and with his gracious consent, we offer it to you to illustrate that the love of highly-paid CEO's is not merely an American phenomenon. We also corrected those funny British spellings for you

The TV hit of the summer over here in the UK threw a number of celebrities into the Australian outback for a period of two weeks. On camera for the entire period, the UK audience watched their celebrity favorites interact with one another, sometimes in the most unexpected and entertaining of ways.

Each day during the second week of the show, the TV audience was invited to phone in to vote for the personalities they wanted to keep in the show. The celebrity who received the fewest votes left the outback, usually for the nearest decent hotel. At the end of the show, just one celebrity -- Tony Blackburn -- was left. He was duly named King of the Jungle. The winners here were the charities that the celebrities sponsored. The more votes the celebrities received by phone, the more money the associated charity obtained.

Following on from the success of this show, I would like to suggest a follow up, related to engineering and manufacturing. In my show, the CEO's of large multinational corporations would be shipped to China for two weeks to face a similar battle with nature, perhaps around the fertile areas of Huanghe where the first Chinese civilization was established more than four thousand years ago.

The CEOs themselves could potentially be selected first by a US/EU telephone poll of workers who were working in US or EU industries before the CEOs of the company's decided that their talents in manufacturing were no longer needed due to the lower cost of similar such manufacturing talent in China.

The producers of this show might like to consider setting our intrepid group of CEOs with some 'jungle challenges' too, just like in the original show, but something more in keeping with the engineering theme! How about the creation of a 'back to basics' semiconductor fabrication line using just twigs and bark that they find in the forest? Or the design of a fully integrated hypersonic cruise missile engine using conventional liquid hydrocarbon fuel? Alternatively, for the chemists among them, how about the development of a refining plant to extract trace minerals from the plant vegetation of ancient Chinese seabeds?

So who would be likely candidates for the new show? James Dyson, whose manufacturing efforts recently left the UK for pastures less expensive comes to mind. And so, too, is Bill Gates, who could visit the manufacturing facility of the Xbox while he was over there. And how about the board of British Energy? They haven't moved anything to China yet, but who knows what could happen in the next few weeks?

Who would the winners be here? Well, let's consider those employees left in the EU and the US when their jobs moved to foreign climes. Perhaps they could receive a new redundancy package based on the number of phone votes that their very own CEO received in the jungle.

With my engineering knowledge and dynamic personality, I think I'd make the perfect host for such a show. If there are any TV producers that might be interested, please contact my agent for further details.
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Author:Wilson, Dave
Date:Feb 1, 2003
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