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I'm 14 but I want to have a baby now.

Dear Coleen, I'M a 14-year-old girl who worries a lot about my love and sex life.

I want to be a mum but I'm not pretty. I don't have a glamorous model figure, I don't wear make-up - because I'm useless at applying it - and I don't have a boyfriend yet.

I want to be like other girls with pretty figures and boyfriends. Boys in my class ask me out but I always say no to them because I have a feeling they are going to say I'm ugly and make fun of me.

What should I do? It seems getting a boyfriend is all about appearance.

Coleen says.. YOU'RE worrying about a lot of stuff that you shouldn't be worrying about at your age and your self-esteem seems to be at rock bottom.

I think what you're craving is someone to love you and you think a baby is the answer - it's a trap a lot of girls fall into.

Just to reassure you, though, the confusion you're feeling right now is all part of growing up, as is looking at other girls around you and envying them.

You're trying to discover who you are and it's natural to have insecurities. Concentrate on your friends and build up your selfesteem before you even think about finding yourself a boyfriend.

It's not all about being the prettiest and slimmest girl - confidence is the most attractive trait anyone can have.

We all love people who are fun and interesting to be around, so for goodness sake don't sleep with a boy to have a baby.

And at 14, you're too young to be having sex, anyway. Have a baby when you're much older and happy with your life - and with someone who you're crazy about.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 1, 2013
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