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I'm (alas!) a salami.

Many additional palindromes can be found on my website

1 Lady Spencer scolded a West Pointer for raising his weak four-card suit Xx xxxxxxx x xxxxx (x xxxxx)

2 A small eastern European car is awarded to bandleader Lombardo Xxxx xx xx xx, Xxx

3 I tell Mother I'm in the capital of an eastern Mediterranean nation Xx, xx Xxxxx X xx

4 Singer Lenya's secretary asks if she should also tally the receipts from the Verdi opera Xxx, Xxxxx, xxx X "Xxxxxxxxx" xxxx?

5 Mother vetoes Father's amorous advances in the morning Xx xxxxx xxx xx X.X.

6 The saloon in eastern Egypt is run by Arabs Xxxxx xxx Xxxxxxx xx

7 The barber says he cuts the hair of obese customers Xxxxxxx xxx X xxxx

8 Lady Spencer: it's best to stay away from Jane Fonda's and Brigitte Bardot's ex-husband Xx: X! Xxxxx X'x xxxxx!

9 Indifferent to the love-making of naked sunburned Robert Xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx Xxx

10 Actress Reynolds was taken to bed by Jack Benny's sidekick and violated by novelist Ferber Xxxxxx xxx Xxxx xxxxxx Xxx, xxx Xxxx xxxxxx

11 Evelyn detested the enthusiasm exhibited in the sandwich shop Xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx

12 A Roman habiliment acquired in Ireland by a member of an eastern European barbarian tribe X Xxxx'x Xxxxx xxxx

13 Motto of a bill collector whose customers prefer nakedness Xxxxxxx X xxx

14 Emily, it's the hour when Patrick plays the last bugle call of the day Xx, xx'x Xxx'x 'Xxxx' XXXX

15 Standup jokes by Whoopi Goldberg and Rob Reiner to raise money for John Kerry and Hillary Xxxx xxxxxx xx Xxxxxxxxx

16 Don't praise this old-time reclusive movie star, Donald! Xx! Xx xxxx xxx xx Xxxxx, Xxx!

17 The stench of unethical dealings Xxxxxx xxxxx

18 Primate researcher Fossey asks Rodney to reimburse her for an animal of hers he destroyed Xx xXXXX xX xX xXX, Xxx

19 The minister mandates a game in which a child tries to breach a line of children joining hands Xxx xxxxxx 'Xxx Xxxxx'

20 June Cleaver discursively tells Lewis about her husband's Southern accent Xxxx--Xxxx xxx xxxxx, Xxx

21 Motto on how to raise money, either legally or illegally Xxxxxx xx xxx

22 The Lord struck down Thomas's canine Xxx XXXXX Xxx'x xxx

23 Ebenezer Scrooge, reading Moby Dick, disses the captain of the Pequod Xxx, Xxxx

24 Message to Mother concerning lunch: ground beef on a bun Xx xxxx, Xx: xxxxxxxxx

25 All right, it's the shark I've been looking for XX, x xxxx

26 Exclamation to an anthropophagus that a Mexican snack promotes middle-aged spread Xx, xxxxxxxx, xxxx xx xxxxx

27 I leave a gratuity for remorseless Ellen Xxxxxxxx Xx X xxx

28 This brand of Maxwell House coffee is a great bargain Xxxxx x xxx

29 Lady Spencer asks for a bathroom and an inexpensive powdered drink Xx: x xxx! Xxxx-Xxx!

30 Emily, how cool! An African-American was placed on the Paris police force! Xx, xxx! Xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx!

31 Stitches in my ass in Lima, Father X Xxxx xxxx xxxxxx, Xx

32 Edward's French curse upon encountering this Southern vegetable Xx xxxxxx xx xxxx: xxxxx!

33 A whale at Sea World tells his handler Emily that he's tired of a small-crustacean diet Xx, xxxxx xxx xx

34 Sandwich shop owner cries that his customers despise the rats and roaches infesting his place Xxxx xxxxxx? X'x xxxxxxx!

35 An angry whale X xxxxx xxxx

36 I tell Emily how irked I was by the cologne sales representative Xx, Xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx

37 Slangy answer to the Roman general's query "Must I swab the floor?" Xxx--xxx, Xxxxxx

38 Susan found a tropical plant with multi-colored leaves for a West Pointer Xxx xxxxxxx x xxxxx x xxxxxx

39 Reginald directed to me someone who saw the crime being committed, I bet Xxx x xxxxxxx xxxx, X xxxxx

40 Edward, advisor to a Texas computer manufacturer, tells them to take no action on an option Xxxx: xxx xxxx xx xxx/xxxx -Xx

41 Ejaculation of student late to class Xxxxx? Xxxx!

42 The space shuttle comedy is the responsibility of former Defense Secretary Weinberger Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Xxx'x

1 Di berated a cadet (a rebid) 2 Yugo to go to Guy 3 Ma, in Amman I am 4 Too, LoRe, log I "Rigoletto" loot? 5 Ma nixes sex in A.M. 6 Sinai bar Arabian is 7 Porcine men I crop 8 Di: O! Vadim I'd avoid 9 Bored under red nude Rob 10 Dennis and Edna bedded Deb, and Edna sinned

11 Ev reviled deli verve 12 A Goth's Irish toga 13 Nudists I dun 14 Em, it's Pat's 'taps' time 15 Star comedy by Democrats 16 No! Do brag not on Garbo, Don 17 Amoral aroma 18 Do repay me my ape, Rod 19 Rev orders 'Red Rover' 20 Well--Ward did drawl, Lew

21 Borrow or rob 22 God smote Tom's dog 23 Bah, Ahab! 24 Re grub, Ma: hamburger 25 OK, a mako 26 Oh, cannibal, flab in nacho 27 Pitiless El I tip 28 Yuban a buy 29 Di: a loo! Kool-Aid! 30 Era, rad! Negro for gendarme!

31 A Peru tush suture, Pa 32 Ed remark on okra: merde! 33 Era, krill irk me 34 Deli vermin? I'm reviled! 35 A cross orca 36 Era, Brut rep did perturb me 37 Yep--mop, Pompey 38 Sue located a cadet a coleus 39 Reg a witness sent, I wager 40 Dell: act upon no put/call -Ed

41 Tardy? Drat! 42 Spacecraft farce Cap's


Waco, Texas
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Author:Emmons, Win
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Date:May 1, 2006
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