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I'd choose Liam not Becks' pecs.

Byline: Jackie Bird

This week we were treated to two superstars making impromptu appearances in their city slickers.

First Goldenballs himself David Beckham was spotted from a passing tour bus wearing only underpants while posing for a fashion photo shoot.

Then Liam Neeson stripped down to his boxers and got gunged for charity on a chat show.

While Beckham looked like one of his buffed billboards, big Liam had clearly let his gym membership lapse.

However, the fact he did it with a complete lack of vanity and a whole lot of humour made the Irishman by far the most attractive.

Neeson is a big bear of a guy who, in his Taken movies, single-handedly wipes out about a thousand armed bad guys.

That's as believable as Beckham being "accidentally" spotted in his Y-fronts during a photo shoot.


CAUGHT David Beckham

GUNGED Liam Neeson
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 7, 2012
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