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I'VE FALLEN TWIN LOVE; Show's voice coach insists ridiculed brothers have the talent to win over viewers.


X FACTOR voice coach Yvie Burnett is a massive fan of comedy duo John and Edward.

The mum-of-two, who coaches all the X Factor finalists, believes the show would not be the same without the Irish brothers, whom she has affectionately nicknamed Jedward.

Yvie, of Methlick, Aberdeenshire, says the identical twins are favourites with everyone behind the scenes and cannot understand why there has been such a huge public outcry against them.

She said: "When you meet Jedward, you fall in love with their personalities.

"They are incredibly likeable and everyone loves them backstage.

"They're an extremely important part of this year's show and, in my opinion, they definitely have the X Factor."

One of the people who has attacked the twins is former X Factor contestant Austin Drage.

The singer, who made the live finals on last year's show, claimed they were insulting to dedicated singers who were determined to make it in showbiz.

Austin admitted he found the pair funny to watch but said that was not what the show was about.

He said: "They have filled a place which someone who sings for a living could have taken.

"For people who work really hard trying to make something of themselves, that's really hard to take."

Yvie has also fallen in love with Stacey Solomon, who talks like a Catherine Tate character but sings with the voice of an angel.

She said: "Stacey is the sweetest, most down-to-earth girl.

"What you see is what you get - no pretenses, no falseness and her voice is just a God-given natural talent."

Yvie, who is still working with X Factor winner Leona Lewis and Britain's Got Talent legend Susan Boyle, admits she was devastated when fellow Scot Rikki Loney got voted out last week.

But the experienced voice coach believes the Glaswegian's individual talent and humility will enable him to make an impact on the music world.

Yvie, 40, said: "I think Rikki has a great individual style and I thought he should have stayed in the competition a bit longer. I agree with the judges that Respect was a big song, but it was divas week, so we had to rise to the challenge.

"Rikki is genuine and humble as most Scots are, of course, so I'm sure he will have lots of offers in the next few months.

"After all, he had 15 million people watching him singing his save-me song on Sunday. What a showcase."

The singing tutor, who has a son Ollie, nine, and a daughter Emily, 15, admits she has no idea who will come out on top this year.

She said: "It's been an interesting year so far, as we could have a winner who is slowly emerging rather than an obvious top two or three as in previous years.

"However, the front-runners like Danyl and Jamie are also holding their own so, all in all, it's a year when anything can happen.

"It's also challenging for me because there are so many styles of singing in the final group - from rap to rock to Jedward.

"I'm really enjoying it, though." The operatic mezzo-soprano, who is considering recording her own album, also reveals the competition between Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell is stronger than ever.

Yvie said: "There is always competition among the judges.

"You don't get to where they are in their careers without drive and a desire to win.

"They just can't help themselves. They seriously all want to win the show."

Yvie admits that, although all the sections are strong, the groups have not performed to the best of their ability.

She said: "There is no reason a group shouldn't win. Louis came very close last year with JLS, but I haven't seen any of the groups giving a winning performance yet."

The singing teacher, who has been friends with Louis for years, says he is breaking his heart over the death of Boyzone star Stephen Gately, whom she also knew and loved.

She said: "I am close to Louis and it has been a very hard time for him.

"It's always a shock when someone so young dies suddenly.

"I knew Stephen and everyone seems to be united in the grief over the loss of such a gentle, lovely man."

Yvie has been impressed with the guest stars on the results show and rubbishes claims Robbie Williams' performance was below par.

She said: "I thought Robbie was incredible and certainly, from where I was sitting in the studio, he didn't disappoint.

"Whitney's moment for me was when she stood on the top of the stairs in silhouette. I had a chill down my spine thinking, 'wow, it really is her'."

Yvie, who has been busy working with Leona, Susan and last year's X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, is looking forward to the release of their albums, which should all do well.

She said: "I've spent the last three months in Los Angeles doing America's Got Talent.

"Leona and Susan both appeared on the show and we've been working on getting things ready for the launches of their albums.

"I've also had the privilege of working closely with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the sequel to Phantom Of The Opera, called Love Never Dies.

"I have been coaching all of the singers on the recording of the musical, which opens next year." YVIE'S VERDICT THE GROUPS John and Edward Grimes, 18 "They're an extremely important part of the show and definitely have the X Factor." Miss Frank "Three great voices.

We're working to perfect them as group.

Graziella has a great individual talent."

THE BOYS Joe McElderry, 18 "One of the most beautiful natural voices I've heard in a long time.

Lloyd Daniels, 16 "Loved by girls, including my 15-year-old, Emily.

He needs to get more confident."

He sounds like a star and is beginning to develop his own style."

THE GIRLS OVER 25s Rachel Adedji, 18 "I personally think that Rachel is an extremely talented singer, whom we haven't seen the best of." Olly Murs, 25 "He's progressing so much vocally and he's doing it so quickly.

He is also fast-forwarding technically."

Lucie Jones, 18 "She needs to believe in herself more.

She's not fulfilling her potential yet. If she does, watch out." Jamie Archer, 34 "I've loved his voice from the moment I heard it.

He combines edginess with real emotion.

One to watch."

Stacey Solomon, 20 "The sweetest, most down-toearth girl.

Danyl Johnson, 27 "A loose cannon but extremely talented.

No pretence, no falseness and her voice is just a God-given natural talent."

I'm trying to reign him in so he is consistently good."


Helping hand: Yvie has been working with Susan Boyle on her new album Likeable pair: Irish brothers John and Edward
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Date:Oct 25, 2009
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