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I'LL BE BACK! Debi Laszewski was inspired to shape up after watching The Terminator.


When Debi Laszewski was 20, she watched the classic film The Terminator - and it changed her life forever. Debi was inspired by the muscly arms of actress Linda Hamilton, who played the iconic Sarah Connor. So she started weight lifting to aspire to Linda's physique. Within five years she was competing - and winning. Debi is now ranked the third best female bodybuilder in the world. Since 2009 she had places in the top six of every single Ms International and Ms Olympia event.

As well as stunning the world with her physique, blonde Debi, 44, also models and is a personal trainer in her hometown of Jupiter, Florida. Her photos are extremely popular with 'muscle lovers' - people who think a maxed-out muscle physique is the perfect body form.

Debi had always been competitive, playing tennis and doing track and field events at school. It meant she had the discipline and drive to stick to the strict nutritional and training regime necessary to sculpt her body - including eating seven times a day. She treats her body like a 'finely tuned engine', and says, 'I eat to feed my body, I don't live to eat. I actually hate eating so I treat it as a job.' lift in a press same as elephant ' Debi says that body building had helped her grow into a strong, independent woman with good self-esteem.

She wants to beat Iris Kyle one day and says it will take persistence. 'Which I have a lot of,' she insists.

Debi can lift 360lb in a squat press - the same as a chubby baby elephant
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 15, 2014
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