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I'D LOST ALL CONTROL, I KNIFED HER IN THE FACE; Accused tells court of 'fight'.


A LIVERPOOL woman has described how she stabbed a mother-of-two in the heart.

Louise Gardner demonstrated how she knifed Rachel Jones in the chest, grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly slashed her face.

But Gardner, 26, of Mallow Road, An field, denies murder, claiming she was provoked.

The mother-of-one told Liverpool crown court she "lost all control" when she inflicted the fatal injuries in Woodville Terrace, An field, on March 14.

Gardner said: "She was going all crazy, going 'come on then, one-by-one, all of you, come on'.

"That is when the madness just happened to me."

Gardner, who had chased after Miss Jones in a car for about half a mile, added: "I just switched.

"I was just knackered running and I could not breathe, and then I have done that with knife and got all the energy. I could not stop it.

"I can just remember stabbing her in the chest and then in her face."

Gardner then showed how she slashed Miss Jones across the face, adding: "I took hold of her hair and then I slashed her face."

Breaking down in tears, she said: "I knew where I had stabbed her with the knife, but I could not control what I was doing.

"Nothing was stopping me. It was like my body did not want to stop."

But Stuart Driver QC, prosecuting, challenged her account that it was Miss Jones who was armed with the Cross Cut flick knife, but had dropped it.

Police discovered an empty knife box matching the alleged murder weapon in a bag behind the microwave at Gardner's home after Miss Jones's death.

Witnesses also described Gardner chasing Miss Jones, who was on a bike, while wielding a blade.

But Gardner insisted she had never seen the knife or box before.

Weeping in the dock, she admitted she had gone after Miss Jones for "a fight"

after she had broken her window.

In a police interview, she even said: "I wanted to hurt her".

Miss Jones suffered 14 knife wounds in the attack, including two which pierced her heart.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 4, 2008
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