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Hysteria: Women, Humor and Social Change.

Free brains behind the Dan Quarterly comes a new women's humor magazine called Hysteria with essays and cartoons raging from |Zen and the Art of Vacuuming' to |Lactation Obfuscation' and |My Body, My Car.'

|As I was watching the elections and hoping that Dan Quayle would no longer be in office, I began to think about the need for a feminist humor magazine: says publisher and editor Deborah Werksman. |The time is right. The need is there. And there's a lot of material.' Werksman sent out 1,000 flyers soliciting manuscripts, and the magazine was born.

Editorial standards are simple. |I have no interest whatsoever in reporting any aspect of Hillary Clinton's life.' says Werksman, who has overdosed on national politics. |When I get something in, I ask myself, is it so funny I can't resist it?'

With a total circulation of about 10,000, the magazine is growing rapidly, and is now available in bookstores around the country. Even Rush Limbaugh is a reader--he recently devoted several segments of his radio program to an article called |Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch.' Says Werksman, He didn't get it.'

For more information, write Hysteria, Box 8581 Brewster Station, Bridgeport, CT 06605.
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Publication:The Progressive
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Date:Aug 1, 1993
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