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Hypocrisy over burkas.

WHAT furore over the comments made by Boris Johnson about the wearing of a burka.

Where was Councillor Higgins when Emily Thornberry, the then Labour Party shadow to Boris, said on BBC Question Time, that she would not like her four-year-old daughter or her elderly mother being looked after by someone wearing a burka? Where was the BBC News at Ten when Stephen Fry said on the BBC programme Have I Got News For You, as a burka-clad figure was shown on screen, that he had just posted a letter in the slit? I didn't hear the Prime Minister telling Polly Toynbee that she should apologise after she wrote that the burka with its sinister, airless little grill, is a public tarring and feathering of female sexuality. Nor was there any of this faux public outrage when another newspaper columnist suggested we seize the moment, provided by the letter box slit, and set up a mobile Mail Service? Am I the only one who detects a touch of hypocrisy? BILL RICALTON, Longhorsley

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 16, 2018
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