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Hypocrisy of M-way speed limit change; LETTERS.

SO THE Government wants to increase motorway speed limits from 70 to 80 mph, because the police cannot enforce the present limit? Nothing shows the coalition's stinking hypocrisy, a month after the riots, when they banged the "law and order" drum.

How about an amnesty for rioters who committed petty theft due to police inability to enforce laws? For some reason behind the wheel all kinds of bad behaviour is, if not acceptable, then not treated as heinously as it should be.

Motorists moan endlessly about speed cameras.

For the same reason, shoplifters hate store cameras, or street robbers hate those on cash machines - because they will be filmed if they are breaking the law.

Here's a tip for speed camera haters, and read this carefully: if you keep to the speed limit, you don't get fined, and the councils get no money.


R Mason, via email
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 10, 2011
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