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Hypnosis after an Adverse Response to Opioids in an ICU Burn Patient.

Ohrbach R, Patterson DR, Carrougher G, Gibran N. (Jun 1998). Hypnosis after an Adverse Response to Opioids in an ICU Burn Patient. Clinical Journal of Pain, 14(2), 167-75.

OBJECTIVE: Bum injuries produce severe wound care pain that is ideally controlled on intensive bum care units with high-dosage intravenous opioid medications. We report a case illustrating the use of hypnosis for pain management when one opioid medication was ineffective. SETTING: Intensive bum care unit at a regional trauma center. PATIENT: A 55-year-old man with an extensive bum suffered from significant respiratory depression from a low dosage of opioid during wound care and also experienced uncontrolled pain. INTERVENTION: Rapid induction hypnotic analgesia. RESULTS: The introduction of hypnosis, supplemented by little or no opioids, resulted in excellent pain control, absence of need for supplemental anxiolytic medication, shortened length of wound care, and a positive staff response over a 14-day period. CONCLUSIONS: This case illustrates that hypnosis can not only be used easily and quite appropriately in a busy medical intensive care unit environment, but that sometimes this treatment may be a very useful alternative when opioid pain medication proves to be dangerous and ineffective.

David Hartman, MSW, The Wellness Institute, 3716-274th Ave SE, Issaquah, WA 98029 425-391-9716

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Title Annotation:Burn injury; intensive care unit
Author:Hartman, David
Publication:Journal of Heart Centered Therapies
Article Type:Abstract
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 22, 2010
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