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Hyperspectral takes centre stage: The imaging technology on display at Photonex from 9 to 10 October in Coventry, UK.

Among the imaging equipment to be shown at Photonex is the Firefly-IR imager from M Squared. The active hyperspectral imager is suitable for a range of chemical sensing applications. It uses a mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator (OPO) with an integrated DPSS pump laser as an illumination source. The OPO generates a pulsed, high repetition rate, continuously tuneable output over a wide range of mid-infrared wavelengths, so that fundamental absorption bands of chemical agents can be analysed. The Firefly-IR has demonstrated detection capabilities down to micro-litre droplet volumes and stand-off distances of up to 50m.

Photon Lines will be demonstrating a new benchtop hyperspectral imaging system from Resonon. A member of the Resonon team will also give a presentation at the Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) conference on 10 October, entitled: 'Signal-to-noise ratio of push-broom imaging spectrometers'. The speaker will be available to discuss proposed customer applications and assist with any questions.

Photon Lines will also be showing a range of acousto-optic devices from AA, including frequency shifters, deflectors and modulators, applications for which include manipulating ultra-cold atoms in quantum technology such as Bose Einstein Condensation. These will be complemented by a range of sCMOS cameras from PCO, and high-speed cameras from Mikrotron.

Alrad Imaging will exhibit The Imaging Source's new family of GigE zoom cameras featuring 20x optical zoom, autofocus, and auto iris with Power over Ethernet. The cameras are available as colour and monochrome variants and feature the Sony Pregius 3.1 megapixel IMX265 sensor. This sensor's global shutter ensures distortion-free imaging, even for fast-moving objects, and delivers high frame rates, as well as high dynamic range and brilliant colour reproduction. The camera's precise stepper motors quickly adjust zoom and focus with complete zoom transition (i.e. from fully zoomed-out to fully zoomed-in) in less than six seconds.

In addition, Alrad Photonics will show Reynard's optical components and thin film coatings, covering wavelengths from 0.2[micro]m to 50[micro]m.

Pro-Lite Technology will be displaying its range of hyperspectral, multispectral and infrared imaging systems. Pro-Lite's suppliers are: Cubert (real-time, snapshot imagers for 355-1,000nm); Neo (HySpex push-broom hyperspectral line-scan imagers, 400-2,500nm); Surface Optics (real-time, multispectral imagers); and Photon (hyperspectral luminescence and Raman microscopy, infrared imagers and tuneable filters and sources).

Pro-Lite also offers infrared imager test equipment from Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR) and Labsphere, through the Helios system.

Laser Components will exhibit its Flexpoint line laser module in a square casing (65 x 15 x 15mm). This latest addition to the Flexpoint MV series was designed for quick and easy installation during series production of 3D systems for industrial image processing. Focus, beam position and all other parameters are aligned during production according to customer specifications. The MVsquare will also be available in a space-saving version, in which the laser beam is deflected by 90[degrees] and exits from the side of the housing.

The MV series, including this new module, now includes ten models, with wavelengths covering the blue, green, red, and NIR, and exit powers of up to 100mW. In addition to the standard models with adjustable focus, most are also available in low-price versions with fixed focus. Modules can now be supplied with separated optics and electronics sections, custom-built to fit into tight spaces.

* Other firms exhibiting imaging technology include Hamamatsu, Photonics Solutions, AP Technologies, Thermal Vision Research, Lambda Photometrics, Horiba, Edmund Optics, Infratec, HineLea and Raptor Photonics. Quantic, the UK quantum technology hub in quantum enhanced imaging, will also be showing its quantum-enhanced imaging systems.
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Date:Aug 1, 2019

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