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A view from the assembly side: can designers and assemblers all just get along? Aug 1, 2004 701
How low can you go? Les offers tips to achieve a zero-defect line. Jun 1, 2004 673
Outsourcing the blame? Split responsibilities can cause complications, so be sure that both companies document and report important process results. May 1, 2004 701
Solderability in a lead-free world: does lead-free solder affect solderability and soldering inspection standards? Feb 1, 2004 658
Critical tool and process characteristics: learn how to validate stencils and dry assemblies. Dec 1, 2003 754
The customer is king again: but everybody benefits when the right EMS provider is selected and process control is increased. Oct 1, 2003 798
Don't overlook the details: how to stop micro-etch disintegration and deal with global standards. Aug 1, 2003 670
Dry solder joints and assembly cleanliness: Les defines solderability and troubleshoots cleaning process problems. Jun 1, 2003 688
Solderability and traceability: les addresses surface finish concerns and component identity tracking. May 1, 2003 690
Outsourcing the dirty work: is contract cleaning for PWAs a good idea? Apr 1, 2003 720
You can't hang 'em out to dry; the rinse and dry steps are critical to the aqueous cleaning process. Mar 1, 2003 652
No cleaning required? Use of a no-clean flux requires a well-controlled clean process. Feb 1, 2003 605
Concerned about stencil life? Use care--don't abrade, bend, staple, twist, mishandle or overheat the stencil! Jan 1, 2003 667
Don't give me any static: resources and tips to help you avoid ESD problems. Nov 1, 2002 660
The devil's in the details: tombstoning revisited: you've checked the oven, the oven profiles, the solder paste and the nitrogen levels--why are you still encountering tombstoning? Oct 1, 2002 687
Component removal and attachment issues: this month, Les clarifies readers' assumptions concerning underfill material in rework and repair and reflow soldering. Sep 1, 2002 680
Is it clean? Why do you want to know? Part I: do you sometimes battle with your customers over cleanliness? Jul 1, 2002 672
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: having problems with solderability issues? Les guides two readers through possible solutions. Jun 1, 2002 708
Back to the basics: a reader asks Les to help with some basics of the assembly process. May 1, 2002 759
Reflow process anomalies: the reflow process is not new technology, so why does the process still confound some engineers? Les guides two readers through possible solutions for paste drop-through and ripples on joint surfaces. Apr 1, 2002 566
Beware of "dry joints" and bad glue: solderability is key when avoiding "dry joints.". Mar 1, 2002 552
Even small things count! Readers with questions concerning 0201 components and ceramic capacitors are given some helpful advice. Feb 1, 2002 567
Remember Baby Bear! Just like Baby Bear's porridge from the classic tale, water used in the cleaning process should be neither too hot nor too cold. Jan 1, 2002 660
United We Stand-Divided We May Fall -- Will a new voting option divide IPC members? Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 661
Be Gentle and Persistent in All Things -- Attention to details can often combat common problems in the assembly process and in equipment selection. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 727
Consider the Design -- The assembly process begins with a good design, but requires reliable solderable materials and diligent equipment maintenance. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 578
Do Your Homework -- When changing materials, methods or tools, examine the total process-impacts can be observed upstream, as well as downstream, of the change. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 750
Good to Go? -- To assure the quality of process output, take care to ensure adequate component procurement specification, handling and storage. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 718
Q & A and Sanity Checks -- Welcome to the first installment of "Ask Les," where your technical and training questions are answered. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 739
Cleaning and Rinsing Today's Designs -- Does your facility use tap water in the final rinse phase? Contaminates may be ruining your assemblies. Brief Article May 1, 2001 653
What Is Core Competency? -- In the current environment of continually emerging technologies, what is core competency in the processes we use? Apr 1, 2001 711
Wave Solder Process Thermal Management. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 583

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