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Hygienically designed high speed door.

To meet the specific requirements for hygiene and temperature stability in the food industry, sara LBS has developed We Rapid Food Door. Designed to give controlled access into or close off production, washing and storage areas, or to provide entry/exit to transport areas, the Rapid Pood Door sets new standards for hygiene, efficiency and user safety, while providing rapid opening and closing to help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the food processing environment.

The Rapid Food Door is designed for fast opening and closing to ensure constant temperatures can be easily maintained in sensitive areas.

The door is powered by a geared brake motor, which can be fitted on either the right or left side. For increased hygiene, the door can be equipped with a stainless steel motor and barrel cover, with the barrel cover hinged for cleaning purposes. The motor is controlled by an MCC Vector Control frequency converter, with the motor/drive combination delivering rapid opening and closing of the door.

In the event of interruption or a power failure, the door can be opened manually using a crank handle. As an option, a counterbalance can he fitted to the door, such that the door can be opened automatically during a power failure by pulling the Bowden lever. The Bowden lever releases the brake, and the counterbalance system pulls the door up.

With a space-saving construction, hygienic design, reliable fast operation and an effective seal when closed, the Rapid Food Door meets all the requirements for access in food processing environments. It has been developed to be fully compliant with the hygiene legislation governing the food processing workplace, and with all European safety requirements for power operated doors.

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Date:Aug 1, 2011
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