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Hygienic Design of Liquid Handling Equipment for the Food Industry.

This ring bound text is also known as Technical Manual No.17, Volume 2. It was prepared in conjunction with the Hygienic Design Working Party of the Campden Heat Preserved Foods Panel. It purpose is to promote the application of the principles and practices of good hygienic design, not just because it makes food safe and wholesome but also because it makes good business sense.

Equipment is usually chosen against three criteria - performance, price and delivery time, The choice will tend to depend on which criteria achieves the greatest importance in the time available for decision-making. However, accurate costing is needed before profitability can be assessed, and cleaning costs over the lifetime of the equipment must be taken into account as well. Good design can minimize the cost of cleaning and allow longer periods of safe running.

This manual is a practical working aid to help both technologists and management in their quest for total quality management. At present this volume only contains information on valves but information on pumps is the next section to be added in due course when the work for it has been done. The section on valves is mostly diagrammatic to demonstrate flow paths and indicate the areas where product can get trapped and therefore cause a hazard from the hygiene point of view. Some 69 plan drawings are used to demonstrate the hazards that can occur in designs that are not uncommon. The limitations of certain designs are discussed and reasons for not using them indicated in relation to some product types. Potential leakagepaths and areas where soil accumulation may occur are also shown.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:May 1, 1993
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