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Hygiene management system at Leeming Bar.

Hygiene Management System at Leeming Bar

North Yorkshire-based Harris - Leeming Bar has opened a new facility at Leases Road where particular attention has been paid to installing a hygiene management system. The new factory, which cost about 750,000 [Pounds], will increase the company's ham production capacity by a factor of six. In essence, their system consists of a series of sealed chambers to eliminate cross contamination between the high care and low risk areas of the factory, and no possibility of contamination between raw and cooked meats. Staff have been specially trained and the daily cleansing procedures have been designed to prevent any bacterial build-up. Air exchange systems maintain air temperature at optimum levels in each section.

The factory, built to the latest EEC specifications, only became fully operational in February this year although it commenced production last year. The whole unit has been designed as a self-contained hygiene management system. It features a series of sealed chambers to provide separation between the different areas. All incoming and outgoing meat is protected from environmental contamination by using sealed loading bays and boxing/de-boxing areas. The manufacturing system has been developed so that product passes through sealed clean zone environments. Materials used within the plant have been selected to minimize bacterial retention and improve cleaning efficiency. All wall and floor surfaces are smooth and sealed with coving to remove corners that could provide traps for waste material. All the machinery and working surfaces are in stainless steel to prevent corrosion and prevent contamination. Every day the factory is given a hygiene treatment from top to bottom.

Basically, the factory is in two parts, separated by the cooking process. After product has been cooked it passes from the low risk area to the high care area. The crossover point between the two is the double sided ovens - raw meat enters at one side and emerges cooked at the other. Staff can only move from one area to the other by passing through a hygiene zone with hand and footwear wash facilities. Clothing, which is colour coded and used only once before sterilising, is changed whenever a staff member passes through the hygiene zone.

Meat cooking takes some 7.5 to 8hr in one of two electrically fired Sumann ovens and each one has a capacity of 224 hams weighing between 14.5 and 16lb. These ovens are automated so that when the internal temperature of the largest ham reaches 70 [degrees] C, power to the system is cut. After cooking, hams are cooled in a shower area for an hour before overnight cooling to 5 [degrees] C in a chiller. Cooked product than passes through a series of chambers where it is trimmed, packed, weighed and labelled before boxing.

The total output capability of this factory is some 12,000 hams per week, which is 56 tons equivalent. At this new facility the Harris Speciality Ham Collection will be manufactured; this includes Wiltshire, York and Bradenham hams, and bone-in and boneless varieties are also being offered.

PHOTO : One of the Sumann ovens at Leases Road

PHOTO : Hams seen being showered
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Title Annotation:Harris-Leeming Bar; ham factory
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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