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Hygiene for Management, 4th ed.

Hygiene for Management

Although primarily designed as a text for food hygiene courses, this text is no less useful for those with an interest in hygiene and how it is achieved and maintained. Since the third edition was published in 1988, major public concern has developed regarding listeriosis, salmonella in eggs and the safety of cook-chill foods. This updated text takes such topics into account, and it will continue to do so because the author intends to regularly update it. The whole idea behind the development of this book is that it is intended as a reference for managers and supervisors.

This text carries many illustrations, some in colour, and it concludes with useful appendices on nutrients and digestion, employee medical questionnaires, licenses/registration, food processing: canning and dairy products, and hygiene courses: syllabi. Definitions, a bibliography and an index conclude the book.

The actual titles of the chapters are: An introduction to food hygiene and food poisoning; Microbiology; Food poisoning; Food-borne infections; Food contamination and its prevention; Training and education of food handlers; Personal hygiene; The storage and temperature control of food; The design and construction of food premises; The design of equipment; Cleaning and disinfection; Food spoilage and preservation; Pest control; Monitoring and control of food standards and operations; and Food and food hygiene legislation.
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Date:Jan 1, 1990
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