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Hygeia Biomedical Research - HBR - Interviewed On WBAI-FM, Pres/CEO Cites Need for Additional Funding for Clinical Study.

MONSEY, N.Y.--(BwHealthWire)--MARCH 18, 1999--The President/CEO of Hygeia Biomedical Research, Inc., Dr. Ethan Rosenberg, was interviewed on WBAI-FM radio in New York City. Appearing together with him were Dr. Myer Bornstein, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Morton Hospital in Taunton, Massachusetts, and Kathy Horgan, Director of the Midwifery Program, New York Medical College, Westchester Division.

Dr. Bornstein and Ms. Horgan explained the critical void in the field of obstetrics that HBR's technology fills. Additionally, they discussed HBR's pending second clinical study. The labor monitors that HBR is developing will be able to differentiate between true and false labor.

This information is critical to a physician treating a woman having preterm contractions. If these contractions are true labor, drugs (tocolytic agents) can be given to stop the labor, and keep the baby in the best neonatal ICU - the mother. If the contractions are false labor, tocolytic agents should not be administered, since they may be toxic to the baby and/or mother.

There is no technology presently available which can distinguish true from false labor.

Presently, the physician must wait and see how the contractions progress, before making the decision of whether or not to give tocolytic agents. During that period, the contractions, if they are true labor, may progress to the point where delivery of a premature infant is inevitable. When this technology is fully developed, the physician will be able to determine after three or less contractions whether it is true or false labor.

Dr. Rosenberg commented on the interview and said he appreciated the warm reception HBR received, both from the station and from the listeners who called in with questions. The interview was so well received, that HBR was invited to come back again.

Additionally, Dr. Rosenberg cited the company's need for additional capital. "We have all our approvals in place for our second clinical study but do not have all the funding necessary to conduct the study. I'd hate to see such important, cost-effective and life saving technology abandoned for lack of funding."

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 18, 1999
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