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Genetic Basis of Hydrothermal Vent Adaptation in Bythograeidae Crabs: Insights from Adaptive Evolution of Mitochondrial Protein Coding Genes. Wang, Zhengfei; Tang, Dan; Shi, Xuejia; Guo, Huayun; Chen, Xiuping; Zhang, Daizheng; Tang, Boping Report Oct 31, 2019 6642
Comparative Oxygen Consumption of Gastropod Holobionts from Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents in the Indian Ocean. Sigwart, Julia D.; Chen, Chong Report Oct 1, 2018 8860
Metals in bivalve mollusks from the Jaco Scar seep, Pacific, Costa Rica/Metales en los bivalvos del emisor frio de Jaco Scar, Costa del Pacifico de Costa Rica. Vargas, Jose A.; Hilton, David R.; Ramirez, Carlos; Molina, Johan Apr 1, 2018 6255
Understanding the Compositional Variability of the Major Components of Hydrothermal Plumes in the Okinawa Trough. Zeng, Zhigang; Wang, Xiaoyuan; Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur; Qi, Haiyan Jan 1, 2018 11195
Fluid Chemistry of Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vents: A Comparison between Numerical Modeling and Vent Geochemical Data. Pierre, Samuel; Gysi, Alexander P.; Monecke, Thomas Jan 1, 2018 17779
Organic, Gas, and Element Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Fluids of the Newly Discovered Extensive Hydrothermal Area in the Wallis and Futuna Region (SW Pacific). Konn, C.; Donval, J.P.; Guyader, V.; Roussel, E.; Fourre, E.; Jean-Baptiste, P.; Pelleter, E.; Charl Jan 1, 2018 22407
Electric Leopard is versatile. Apr 10, 2017 317
Catalytic Intermediate Crystal Structures of Cysteine Desulfurase from the Archaeon Thermococcus onnurineus NA1. Ho, Thien-Hoang; Huynh, Kim-Hung; Nguyen, Diem Quynh; Park, Hyunjae; Jung, Kyoungho; Sur, Bookyo; Ah Report Jan 1, 2017 7429
Fe Isotopic Compositions of Modern Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems and Their Influence Factors. Li, Xiaohu; Wang, Jianqiang; Wang, Hao Report Jan 1, 2017 8791
Scientists up tally of deep-sea vents: hydrothermal fissures may be more common than thought. Sumner, Thomas Jul 23, 2016 568
Big questions about tiny bacteria? Novel experiments probe how life thrives at the seafloor. Levin, David Jan 1, 2016 1893
Viruses buoy life at hydrothermal vents. Mole, Beth Brief article May 31, 2014 147
Life where you least expect it. Braffman-Miller, Judith Jan 1, 2013 1843
Lush life in the inhospitable depths. Brief article Sep 22, 2012 238
Ballard's Cyprus sea expedition 'going well'. Aug 18, 2012 846
Say what? Witze, Alexandra Brief article Mar 24, 2012 112
Antarctica is for crabs, Caribbean is for shrimp: big differences seen among deep-sea vent communities. Witze, Alexandra Jan 28, 2012 945
Back story: missed opportunity. Brief article Jan 28, 2012 158
Phylogenetic characterization of episymbiotic bacteria hosted by a hydrothermal vent limpet (Lepetodrilidae, vetigastropoda). Bates, Amanda E.; Harmer, Tara L.; Roeselers, Guus; Cavanaugh, Colleen M. Report Apr 1, 2011 6922
Expedition searches for unusual seafloor animals and vents. Lippsett, Lonny Dec 1, 2010 626
New deep-sea hot springs found in the Atlantic. Oct 8, 2010 297
New Molluscan larval form: brooding and development in a hydrothermal vent gastropod, Ifremeria nautilei (Provannidae). Reynolds, Kyle C.; Watanabe, Hiromi; Strong, Ellen E.; Sasaki, Takenori; Uematsu, Katsuyuki; Miyake, Report Aug 1, 2010 2410
Tough creatures: some oxygen-reliant animals find a way to get the gas even in hostile environments. Brief article May 8, 2010 300
The influence of hydrostatic pressure on shell mineralization of Anodonta cygnea: a comparative study with a hydrothermal vent bivalve Bathymodiolus azoricus. Machado, Jorge; Lopes-Lima, Manuel; Damasceno-Oliveira, Alfredo; Colaco, Ana; Andrade, Jose; Silva, Report Dec 1, 2009 4125
The morphology of bacterial symbioses in the gills of mussels of the genera Adipicola and Idas (Bivalvia: Mytilidae). Southward, Eve C. Report Mar 1, 2008 5687
Variation in sulfur speciation with shellfish presence at a Lau Basin diffuse flow vent site. Waite, Tim J.; Moore, Tommy S.; Childress, James J.; Hsu-Kim, Helen; Mullaugh, Katherine M.; Nuzzio, Report Mar 1, 2008 4344
Hydrothermal vent mussel habitat chemistry, pre- and post-eruption at 9[degrees]50' north on the East Pacific Rise. Nees, Heather A.; Moore, Tommy S.; Mullaugh, Katherine M.; Holyoke, Rebecca R.; Janzen, Christopher Report Mar 1, 2008 6371
Interactions of deep-sea vent invertebrates with their environment: the case of Rimicaris exoculata. Schmidt, Caroline; Le Bris, Nadine; Gaill, Francoise Report Mar 1, 2008 9158
Biogeography, diversity, and evolution through vicariance of the hydrothermal vent aplacophoran genus Helicoradomenia (Aplacophora, Mollusca). Scheltema, Amelie H. Report Mar 1, 2008 2982
Reproduction of gastropods from vents on the East Pacific rise and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Tyler, Paul A.; Pendlebury, Sophie; Mills, Susan W.; Mullineaux, Lauren; Eckelbarger, Kevin J.; Bake Report Mar 1, 2008 7183
Habitat associations in gastropod species at East Pacific Rise hydrothermal vents (9[degrees]50'N). Mills, Susan W.; Mullineaux, Lauren S.; Tyler, Paul A. Jun 1, 2007 5824
Astrobiology. Topic overview Jan 1, 2007 16041
On the seafloor, a parade of roses. Nevala, Amy E. Sep 1, 2005 430
Settling on the seafloor: deep in the ocean, larvae search for 'home, sweet home'. Nevala, Amy E. Sep 1, 2005 988
Composition of a one-year-old Riftia pachyptila community following a clearance experiment: insight to succession patterns at deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Govenar, B.; Freeman, M.; Bergquist, D.C.; Johnson, G.A.; Fisher, C.R. Dec 1, 2004 3474
Cast-iron foot: undersea snail has mineral armor. Perkins, S. Nov 8, 2003 424
Some like it hotter. (Extremophiles). Brief Article Jun 7, 2003 218
A rocky start: fresh take on life's oldest story. Morgan, Kendall Apr 26, 2003 2063
Living with the Heat. Submarine Ring of Fire--Grades 5-6. Hydrothermal Vent Ecology. Jan 1, 2002 166
Come On Down! Galapagos Rift Expedition--Grades 7-8. Overview: Ocean Exploration. Jan 1, 2002 151
Hydromineral regulation in the hydrothermal vent crab bythograea thermydron. Martinez, Anne-Sophie; Toullecs, Jean-Yves; Shillito, Bruce; Charmantier-Daures, Mireille; Charmanti Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 5565
Scientists spy sixth undersea-vent ecology. Perkins, S. Brief Article Sep 15, 2001 166
Hemoglobin From a Deep-Sea Hydrothermal-Vent Copepod. HOURDEZ, STEPHANE; LAMONTAGNE, JASON; PETERSON, PAT; WEBER, ROY E.; FISHER, CHARLES R. Oct 1, 2000 2349
Physiological functioning of carbonic anhydrase in the hydrothermal vent tubeworm Riftia Pachyptila. Goffredi, Shana K.; Girguis, Peter R.; Childress, James J.; Desaulniers, Nicole T. Jun 1, 1999 5896
'Nothing could diminish the excitement of seeing the animals for the first time.'. Grassle, J. Frederick Sep 22, 1998 2948
Deep-sea diaspora: the LARVE Project explores how species migrate from vent to vent. Mullineaux, Lauren; Manahan, Donal Sep 22, 1998 2077
Weird world of the deep. Bilokur, Em Jun 1, 1998 936
Live long and prosper. Travis, John Brief Article Sep 28, 1996 392
Enzyme helps microorganism thrive in heat. Lipkin, Richard Mar 11, 1995 380
Life blooms on floor of deep Siberian lake. Monastersky, Richard Aug 18, 1990 495
Deep-see shrimp: can eyeless shrimp see jets of hot water spouting from the ocean floor? Monastersky, Richard Feb 11, 1989 3113
First hot springs in U.S. waters. Monastersky, Richard Dec 17, 1988 201
Vents would scald a primordial soup. Monastersky, Richard Aug 20, 1988 404
Hydrothermal discoveries from the deep. Weisburd, Stefi Dec 20, 1986 745
Leg 106 treats: heat vents, sea creatures, engineering feats. Weisburd, Stefi Jan 25, 1986 1131

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