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Hydrostatic transmission designed for compact mobile applications.

International Transmissions Ltd. recently launched the HG310, its first product in a new line of hydrostatically driven transmissions designed for compact forklifts, telehandlers and other small mobile equipment. The growing demand for such products prompted ITL to move into this market. The HG 310 is a hydrostatically driven package that comes equipped with transfer case and motor, as well as both service and parking brakes.

Having talked to many OEMs, ITL sought to create a compact product for the requirements of the agriculture, construction and materials handling sectors alike. The result, according to ITL, is the smallest packaged hydrostatic motor, pump and transmission for these machines. The narrowest possible transmission dimensions capable for fitting snugly between chassis rails are said to enable OEMs to achieve the narrowest machine design--capable of passing through narrow door apertures.

In recent years ITL says it has kept a constant eye on the hydrostatic market, developing many products in its time for these drive systems. ITL portal axles are used extensively on high ground clearance hydrostatic wheeled loaders, and the company's 12 ton steer drive SD80 axle is used for hydrostatic double-wheeled excavators. With the HG 310 the company believes it is expanding into a market it knows and will succeed in.

In starting with a fresh approach, ITL said it had the opportunity to identify an ideal set of features and options, it then set out to realize them. One such feature is the low noise characteristics of the HG 310. Many OEMs have used techniques such as shielding and cladding for "drive-by" tests. ITL claimed that using its advanced transmission research facility in conjunction with gear teeth profiling technology, has enabled it to eliminate many of the causes of noise from within the gearbox, thus reducing the need for shielding.

An important requirement identified at the beginning was to be able to use a large motor and pump drive and large output flanges for substantial cardan shafts. These bigger cardan shafts mean higher torque options can be achieved. A range of yokes can be specified from SAE 1310 to SAE 1480. Another benefit of ITL's blank sheet approach is that the HG 310 can offer an extremely flexible range of mounting orientations, while minimizing the space requirement for the motor pump and gearbox. The HG 310 can be configured to meet the OEM's required mounting orientations.

ITL claimed a further advantage offered by the unit is that the transmission within the drive package can accept a range of motor sizes, through different drilling patterns on the transmission casings. The complete solution also offers a wide range of mounting variations, all of which avoid the motor input area, larger yokes and carden shafts joints, pipes and brake pack.

The HG 310 power range commences at 55 cc hydrostatic motor size, with a capability of 228 lb.ft. input torque, and offers a reduction ratio for the transfer box of 1.706 to 1. Later in 2003, ITL will launch 516 and 885 lb.ft versions, both with a 1.42 to 1 output ratio. These will be known as the 700 and 1200 series respectively. The transmission will be offered with a comprehensive range of proven motors and the company said that other ratio options can be considered.

Adjustment of oil way baffling can be used to optimize oil level, splash coverage and flow. The company said that the HG 310 is a fit and forget product and should require no maintenance over a lifetime, with the possible exception of an oil change, depending on the machines' operating environment.

The maximum input speed via the motor to the gearbox is 5000 rpm. The company claimed that comparable, but physically larger systems typically handle up to 4000 rpm. ITL believes that the higher input speed will be very appealing to OEMs as it offers the possibility of higher mad speeds between sites, without the requirement for multispeed gearboxes. Rental companies will get more simple machines to operate and service and OEMs get more features, more options and more flexibility for their markets.

One of the advantages offered by hydrostatic drive is excellent braking and the HG 310 hydrostatic drive system enhances this with a complete braking system. The system has an optional integrated service brake that utilizes a hydraulic caliper and park brake with mechanical caliper. Neither encroaches on any input/output shafts, pumps or motors, the company said. This capability offers opportunities for reduced installation costs with the elimination of the need For brakes with in the axles.

Additionally speed sensors can be fitted to the transmission and ITL said it will be offering Hall effect speed sensors. These are fitted in noncontact position close to teeth within the transmission and essentially pick up the speed of passing teeth. With the Hall effect sensor, electronics monitor and govern machine speed.

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