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Coordination between Crew Members on Flying Multihulls: A Case Study on a Nacra 17. Terrien, Eric; Huet, Benoit; Iachkine, Paul; Saury, Jacques Case study Jun 1, 2020 10188
Behold, The Bicycles That You Can Ride On Rivers, Lakes And Oceans. Jan 11, 2020 222
The newest hope to beat the traffic: a 'flying' water taxi that glides across town. Peter Holley The Washington Post Sep 29, 2019 733
Modeling of Hydrodynamic Processes in Diesel Injector Nozzle. Vrublevskyi, O.; Levchenko, D. Report Mar 1, 2019 3833
A Probabilistic Approach to Hydroplaning Potential and Risk. Kang, Yong-suk; Nazari, Ashkan; Chen, Lu; Taheri, Saied; Ferris, John B.; Flintsch, Gerardo; Battagl Report Jan 1, 2019 5268
A Description of Pseudorapidity Distributions of Charged Particles Produced in Au+Au Collisions at RHIC Energies. Jiang, Z.J.; Xu, Dongfang; Huang, Yan Report Jan 1, 2018 4777
Hydrodynamic Processes in Piston-Bore Interface of Axial Piston Swash Plate machine. Kuzmin, Anton; Popov, Valeriy; Stazhkov, Sergey Report Jan 1, 2018 2488
Numerical Simulation of Dam Break Flows Using a Radial Basis Function Meshless Method with Artificial Viscosity. Chaabelasri, Elmiloud Report Jan 1, 2018 5326
Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Tropical Tidal River Using the Dynamic Estuary Model (DYNHYD5): A Case Study in Sibu Laut River, Sarawak, Malaysia. Soo, Chen-Lin; Ling, Teck-Yee; Nyanti, Lee Report Jan 1, 2018 3768
Numerical Analysis of Thermal and Hydro Dynamical Processes in Upper Fuel Channel Part of Boiling Water Reactor. Paukstaitis, Linas; Kilikevicius, Sigitas; Lukosevicius, Valdas; Fedaravicius, Algimantas; Gudauskis Report Jan 1, 2018 2500
Experimental Study of the Dispersion Beneath Liquid Sprayers in the Intersection Area of Jets on a Horizontal Plate. Choual, Kheireddine; Benzeguir, Redouane; Tebbal, Mohamed Report Nov 1, 2017 5840
Hydrodynamic Lubrication of Micro-Grooved Gas Parallel Slider Bearings with Parabolic Grooves. Lu, Yanjun; Liu, Fuxi; Zhang, Yongfang Report Nov 1, 2017 3012
Application of ASTEC, MELCOR, and MAAP Computer Codes for Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a PWR Containment Equipped with the PCFV and PAR Systems. Sadek, Sinisa; Grgic, Davor; Simic, Zdenko Report Jan 1, 2017 9716
A Coupled 1D-2D Hydrodynamic Model for Urban Flood Inundation. Fan, Yuyan; Ao, Tianqi; Yu, Haijun; Huang, Guoru; Li, Xiaodong Report Jan 1, 2017 5742
The Study of Seismic Response on Accelerated Contained Fluid. Kotrasova, Kamila; Kormanikova, Eva Report Jan 1, 2017 4366
Nonlinear Hydroelastic Waves Generated due to a Floating Elastic Plate in a Current. Wang, Ping; Wang, Yongyan; Su, Chuanqi; Yang, Yanzhao Report Jan 1, 2017 4226
A One-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model for a Water Transfer Project with Multihydraulic Structures. Yi, Yujun; Tang, Caihong; Yang, Zhifeng; Zhang, Shanghong; Zhang, Cheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5972
Flood Risk Zoning by Using 2D Hydrodynamic Modeling: A Case Study in Jinan City. Cheng, Tao; Xu, Zongxue; Hong, Siyang; Song, Sulin Report Jan 1, 2017 4514
Robust Course Keeping Control of a Fully Submerged Hydrofoil Vessel with Actuator Dynamics: A Singular Perturbation Approach. Liu, Sheng; Xu, Changkui; Zhang, Lanyong Report Jan 1, 2017 7178
Determining Heating Capacity and Coefficient of Energy Transformation of Hydrodynamic Set. Josif, Breido; Alexey, Kalinin; Valery, Kuchin Report Jan 1, 2017 4335
Optimal Disturbances Rejection Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in Shallow Water Environment. Yang, Qing; Su, Hao; Tang, Gong-You; Gao, De-Xin Report Jan 1, 2017 4440
Influence of Geometry and Velocity of Rotating Solids on Hydrodynamics of a Confined Volume. Carvajal-Mariscal, Ignacio; Real-Ramlrez, Cesar A.; Sanchez-Silva, Florencio; de la Torre, Francisco Report Jan 1, 2017 6989
Experimental Investigation of Seismic-Induced Hydrodynamic Pressures on a Vertical Wall under Conditions of Wave Resonance. Zhou, Yi Liang; Yao, LingKan; Gao, MingYuan; Ai, Hongzhou Report Jan 1, 2017 5613
Full Hydrodynamic Model of Nonlinear Electromagnetic Response in Metallic Metamaterials. Fang, Ming; Huang, Zhixiang; Sha, Wei E.I.; Xiong, Xiaoyan Y.Z.; Wu, Xianliang Report Nov 1, 2016 6743
Hydromechanical substantiation of the microcrack-fluid effect. Gurbanov, R.S.; Mammadova, M.A. Report Nov 1, 2016 4234
High efficiency pneumatic systems compressors hydrodynamics and termodynamics process research/Didelio nasumo pneumatines sistemos kompresoriu hidrodinaminiu ir termodinaminiu procesu tyrimas. Bogdevicius, Paulius; Spruogis, Bronislovas; Bogdevicius, Marijonas Report Oct 1, 2016 1748
The application of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method to the simulation and analysis of blanking process. Bohdal, L. Report Sep 1, 2016 3879
Investigation into mixed and hydrodynamic frictions of PEO coatings and cast iron. Wang, Guang; Nie, Xueyuan; Tjong, Jimi Report Apr 1, 2016 6062
The jet fuel hydrodynamic cavitation bubble size with cavitation power and energy from Rayleigh-Plesset equation. Ni, William W.; Cass, Michael; Bartholme, Daniel Report Dec 1, 2015 5259
The inertial properties of pulsing interflow area of counterflow hydrodynamic radiator. Makarova, T.V.; Zhukova, A.V. Report Nov 1, 2015 3994
Numerical modelling of the hydrodynamic behaviour of the couple piston-liner. Soualmia, A.; Bouchetara, M. Report Nov 1, 2015 2391
Contribution of wave set-up into the total water level in the Tallinn area/Laineaju roll veetaseme kujunemises Tallinna lahe umbruse randades. Pindsoo, Katri; Soomere, Tarmo Report Sep 1, 2015 5662
The definition of cutting forces in square shoulder milling by 3D numerical smooth particle hydrodynamics methodology. Gyliene, V.; Eidukynas, V.; Fehr, G. Report May 1, 2015 3667
Relative effects of gamete compatibility and hydrodynamics on fertilization in the green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis. Kregting, Louise T.; Thomas, Florence I.M.; Bass, Anna L.; Yund, Philip O. Report Aug 1, 2014 4409
Dynamics study of the operating behavior of hydrodynamic coupling by experimental and numerical simulation/Hidrodinamines jungties eksploatavimo eksperimentine ir skaitmenine dinamikos analize. Khatir, T.; Bouchetara, M.; Boutchicha, D. Report Jul 1, 2014 3279
Polysulfone-polyaniline-type membranes obtained in a steady-state system: structural and hydrodynamic characteristics. Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Constantin, Mirela Alina; Cuciureanu, Adriana; Nechifor, Gheorghe Report Jul 1, 2014 3475
The effects of ambient and aquaculture structure hydrodynamics on the food supply and demand of mussel rafts. Newell, Carter R.; Richardson, John Report Apr 1, 2014 10363
An analytical approach towards EHD analysis of connecting-rod bearing/Jungiamosios traukes guolio elastohidrodinamines analizes analitinis tyrimas. Benhamou, A.; Bounif, A.; Maspeyrot, P.; Mansour, C. Report Mar 1, 2014 3674
Numerical simulation on hydromechanical coupling in porous media adopting three-dimensional pore-scale model. Liu, Jianjun; Song, Rui; Cui, Mengmeng Report Jan 1, 2014 3170
Study on electrohydrodynamic Rayleigh-Taylor instability with heat and mass transfer. Awasthi, Mukesh Kumar; Srivastava, Vineet K. Report Jan 1, 2014 4799
Smooth particle hydrodynamics simulation of micro-cup-extrusion using a Graphit-ic coating. Shi-Cheng, Li; Ze-Zhong, Chen; Jie, Zheng; Dong-Feng, Wang Report Jan 1, 2014 2661
Transport coefficients for holographic hydrodynamics at scale scale. Ge, Xian-Hui; Leng, Hong-Qiang; Fang, Li Qing; Yang, Guo-Hong Report Jan 1, 2014 11128
Study on the matching relationship between polymer hydrodynamic characteristic size and pore throat radius of target block S based on the microporous membrane filtration method. Yiqiang, Li; Junxin, Gao; Dandan, Yin; Junjian, Li; Hualong, Liu Report Jan 1, 2014 3377
Numerical treatment of a modified MacCormack scheme in a nondimensional form of the water quality models in a nonuniform flow stream. Pochai, Nopparat Report Jan 1, 2014 5065
A coupled model of the 1D river network and 3D estuary based on hydrodynamics and suspended sediment simulation. Zhang, Wei; Lyu, Shujie; Zhu, Yuliang; Chen, Xiaowen Report Jan 1, 2014 7788
Conceptual model for simulating the adjustments of bankfull characteristics in the Lower Yellow River, China. Wang, Yuanjian; Fu, Xudong; Wang, Guangqian Report Jan 1, 2014 6311
Direct time domain numerical analysis of transient behavior of a VLFS during unsteady external loads in wave condition. Cheng, Yong; Zhai, Gang-jun; Ou, Jin-ping Report Jan 1, 2014 7767
Bifurcation approach to analysis of travelling waves in nonlocal hydrodynamic-type models. Shi, Jianping; Li, Jibin Report Jan 1, 2014 5294
Nonlinear closure relations for electron transport in hydrodynamical models. Salhoumi, A. Report Jan 1, 2014 9516
Determination of the homogeneous groups using different fuzzy logic systems. Golestani, M.; Hedayatizadeh, M.; Kavianpour, M.R. Report Dec 1, 2013 4819
Estimating turbidity and total suspended solids to measure sediment load in Kelantan river. Khan, Mohammad Muqtada Ali; Ashikin Shaari, Nor; Achmad Bahar, Arham Muchtar; Ahmed, Izrar Report Dec 1, 2013 2283
Simulation of polymer flow using smoothed particle hydrodynamics method. Riviere, S.; Khelladi, S.; Farzaneh, S.; Bakir, F.; Tcharkhtchi, A. Report Dec 1, 2013 5448
Analysis of the properties of hydrote chnical concrete employed in the marine environment/Jurineje aplinkoje eksploatuoto hidrotechninio betono savybiu analize. Lebedeva, Ramune Report Oct 1, 2013 2475
Dr. Len Imas Awarded ONR Grant to Investigate Applicability of Probabalistic Computational Fluid Dynamic Methods to Problems Involving Cavitation. Sep 25, 2013 699
Dynamics and simulation of biorobotic UUV/Bioroboto (UUV) dinamika IR modeliavimas. Xiao-xu, Du; Bao-wei, Song; Guang, Pan Report Sep 1, 2013 2138
Generation of hydroxyl radicals by hydraulically induced cavitation. Sato, Chikashi; Karki, Sita; Savage, Bruce Abstract Jun 1, 2013 211
Spatial variations of wave loads and closure depths along the coast of the eastern Baltic sea/Lainekoormuste ja sulgemissugavuste muutlikkus Laanemere idarannikul. Soomere, Tarmo; Viska, Maija; Eelsalu, Maris Report Jun 1, 2013 6271
On the occurrence of non-reflecting cross-shore profiles along Estonian coasts of the Baltic sea/Mittepeegeldavad rannaprofiilid Eesti rannikumeres. Didenkulova, Ira; Soomere, Tarmo; Pindsoo, Katri; Suuroja, Sten Report Jun 1, 2013 5492
The study of flood hydraulics before the bidding of maroon dam by HEC-RAS, Maskingam and Muskingum--Cunge method. Naghshine, Mohammad Hossein; Raof, Farhad Fakheri; Khoshrftar, Ali Report May 1, 2013 1852
Survival and growth of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) postlarvae under different static and flow conditions. Anguiano-Beltran, Casandra; Searcy-Bernal, Ricardo Report Apr 1, 2013 3139
Waves currents & electric potential: hydrokinetics seeks to bring gigawatts of untapped water power into the grid. Crawford, Mark Feb 1, 2013 2193
Numerical study of violent impact flow using a CIP-based model. Ji, Qiao-ling; Zhao, Xi-zeng; Dong, Sheng Report Jan 1, 2013 6204
Renormalisation group analysis of turbulent hydrodynamics. Barbi, Dirk; Minister, Gernot Report Jan 1, 2013 12348
Reduction of waste water in Erhai lake based on MIKE21 hydrodynamic and water quality model. Zhu, Changjun; Liang, Qinag; Yan, Feng; Hao, Wenlong Report Jan 1, 2013 5230
Solvability of primitive equations for the ocean with vertical mixing. Honda, Hirotada Report Oct 1, 2012 2516
The impact of changing storage area on flood magnitude and occurrence. Kusumastuti, D.I. Report Sep 1, 2012 3312
Numerical modelling of consolidation of 2-D porous unsaturated seabed under a composite breakwater/Puraus neprisotinto juros dugno po sudetingu bangolauziu sutvirtinimo 2D modeliavimas. Jianhong, Ye Report Jul 1, 2012 3831
Study of electromagnetic scattering from ship wakes on PEC sea surfaces by the small-slope approximation theory. Sun, R.-Q.; Zhang, M.; Wang, C.; Chen, Y. Report Jul 1, 2012 4926
The thermal state and hydrodynamics of evaporating hydrocarbon droplets. 2. Energy interpretation of sprayed n-decane evaporation process/Garuojanciu angliavandenilio laseliu termine busena ir hidrodinamika. 2. Ispurksto n-dekano garavimo proceso energine interpretacija. Miliauskas, G.; Talubinskas, J.; Adomavicius, A.; Puida, E. Report May 1, 2012 3617
FLOOD FREQUENCIES IN SOAN VALLEY. Ahmad, I.; Ahmad, Z.; Ahmad, S.A. Report Mar 31, 2012 1742
Thermal state and hydrodynamics of evaporating hydrocarbon droplets. 1. A possibility of natural circulation of the liquid in the droplet/Garuojanciu skysto angliavandenilio laseliu termine busena ir hidrodinamika. 1. Savaimines skyscio cirkuliacijos kilimo galimybe. Miliauskas, G.; Talubinskas, J.; Adomavicius, A.; Puida, E. Report Mar 1, 2012 3630
Automatic regulation of clearance in a tilting pad journal bearing/Automatinis tarpelio reguliavimas atraminiu ideklu veleno guolyje. Marcinkevicius, A.H. Report Mar 1, 2012 3074
Helicospiral growth in the whip black coral Cirrhipathes sp. (Antipatharia, Antipathidae). Bavestrello, Giorgio; Cattaneo-Vietti, Riccardo; Camillo, Cristina G. Di; Bo, Marzia Report Feb 1, 2012 3669
Dynamic characterization and stability analysis of hydrodynamic journal bearing using the FEM/Hidrodinaminu slydimo guoliu dinaminis ivertinimas ir stabilumo analize taikant baigtiniu elementu metoda. Boukhelef,; Bounif, A.; Amar, Bouzid Report Sep 1, 2011 2688
Numerical and experimental study of the hydrodynamic phenomena in heterogeneous sea surface, EM bistatic scattering. Khadra, S.B.; Khenchaf, A.; Khadhra, K.B. Report Sep 1, 2011 3535
A new algorithm for cylindrical worm gears dimensioning based on the hydrodynamic lubrication conditions between the teeth flanks/Naujas cilindrines sliekines pavaros matmenu nustatymo algoritmas, ivertinantis es krumpliu sonu tepimo salygas. Alexandru, Antal Tiberiu Report Jul 1, 2011 2266
Hydrodynamic analysis of Kabul River (NW Pakistan) during monsoon floods of August 2010. Report Dec 31, 2010 279
Cells into systems: a new research center will work with the basics of life to build complex biological machines. Kamm, Roger D.; Nerem, Robert M.; Hsia, K. Jimmy Nov 1, 2010 2986
Foil or tabs? Michal, Grid Brief article Sep 22, 2010 328
Temporal scales for transport patterns in the Gulf of Finland/Soome lahe pinnakihi hoovustranspordi ajamastaapidest. Viikmae, Bert; Soomere, Tarmo; Viidebaum, Mikk; Berezovski, Mihhail Report Sep 1, 2010 6845
Soils fieldwork, analysis, and interpretation to support hydraulic and hydrodynamic modelling in the Murray floodplains. Vaze, Jai; Jenkins, Brian R.; Teng, Jin; Tuteja, Narendra K. Report Jul 1, 2010 8251
Native Watercraft Mariner. Hudson, Sam Brief article Jun 1, 2010 187
Numerical analysis of hydrodynamic journal bearing under transient dynamic conditions/Hidrodinaminiu guoliu skaitinis tyrimas pereinamajame dinaminiame rezime. Kumar, Senthil M.; Thyla, P.R.; Anbarasu, E. Report Mar 1, 2010 1543
Diagnostic research of adaptive hydrodynamic segmental bearings with elastic ring in a rotor system/Rotorines sistemos adaptyviuju hidrodinaminiu segmentiniu guoliu su tampriu ziedu diagnostiniai tyrimai. Vekteris, V.; Cereska, A.; Jurevicius, M. Report Mar 1, 2010 1765
The oil pressure law in journal bearings due to of the shaft conical motion. Parausanu, Ioan; Petre, Cristian; Gheorghiu, Horia; Vlasceanu, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2010 1057
The oil pressure distribution modifications due to the effect of unaligned shaft. Parausanu, Ioan; Gheorghiu, Horia; Tudose, Virgil; Visan, Dana Codruta Report Jan 1, 2010 1184
Research regarding thermal and hydrodynamic performance levels of surfaces with sinuous fins for automotive heat exchangers. Nagi, Mihai; Carabas, Ioan Daniel; Ilies, Paul; Ghita, Eugen Report Jan 1, 2010 1020
Effect of formation hydrodynamics on mechanical properties of container materials. Hojjatie, B.; Coffin, D.W.; Aidun, C.K. Report Dec 22, 2009 1684
Ultrasonic diagnosis of the single screw behavior during extrusion--a case study. Sun, Zhigang; Utracki, Leszek A. Technical report Feb 1, 2009 3556
Effect of the temperature gradient on heat transfer and friction in laminar liquid film. Sinkunas, S.; Kiela, A. Report Jan 1, 2009 2443
Viewpoints regarding the influence of temperature on determination of the oil limit viscosity in hydrodynamic bearings. Motomancea, Adrian; Popa, Constantin Report Jan 1, 2009 1655
Two-phase flow in hydrodynamic torque converter. Manea, Adriana Sida; Dobanda, Eugen; Barglazan, Mircea; Stroita, Daniel Catalin Report Jan 1, 2009 1232
Influence of aspect ratio and hydraulic diameter on flat oval elbow loss coefficients. Kulkarni, D.; Khaire, S.; Idem, S. Report Jan 1, 2009 3858
Inductive transfer applied to modeling river discharge in Nova Scotia. Silver, Daniel L.; Spooner, Ian S.; Gaudette, Lisa Report Jan 1, 2009 9051
Flow forces on seaweeds: field evidence for roles of wave impingement and organism inertia. Gaylord, Brian; Denny, Mark W.; Koehl, M.A.R. Report Dec 1, 2008 8773
Intra-oral flow patterns and speeds in a suspension-feeding fish with gill rakers removed versus intact. Smith, Jennifer C.; Sanderson, S. Laurie Report Dec 1, 2008 6638
Derivation of the Newton's law of gravitation based on a fluid mechanical singularity model of particles. Wang, Xiao-Song Report Oct 1, 2008 5132
Validation of hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic versions of the hydrodynamical model MIKE 3 applied for the Baltic Sea/Laanemerele rakendatud hudrodunaamika mudeli MIKE 3 hudrostaatilise ja mittehudrostaatilise versiooni sobivuse kontroll. Passenko, Jelena; Lessin, Gennadi; Erichsen, Anders Christian; Raudsepp, Urmas Report Sep 1, 2008 4087
Hydrodynamic diplomacy: those fountains were beautiful, but they were also psychological warfare. Woods, Robert O.; Pendery, David W. May 1, 2008 1938
Calculation of minimum critical Reynolds number for laminar-turbulent transition in pipe flows. Kanda, Hidesada Report Jan 1, 2008 7432
Combining dissimilar senses: central processing of hydrodynamic and chemosensory inputs in aquatic crustaceans. Mellon, DeForest, Jr. Aug 1, 2007 8290
Hydrodynamics of Partial Nucleate Boiling by PIV Technique. Basic, Sani; Skerget, Leopold; Marn, Jure Report Jun 1, 2007 3377
Considerations about the different behaviors of the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings using non-linear complex models. Motomancea, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2007 1319
Analyses of hydrostatic transmission system using the modelling and simulation method. Topliceanu, Liliana Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1741
Dynamics of whitewater consistency of a pilot paper machine using a retention aid system. Hermann, A.; Bednar, F.; Perrier, M.; Paradis, J.; Paris, J. Oct 1, 2006 4936
Study of hydrodynamics, mixing and gas-liquid mass transfer in a split-rectangular airlift reactor. Gourich, B.; El Azher, N.; Vial, C.; Belhaj, M. Soulami; Ziyad, M. Oct 1, 2006 7477
Experimental simulation of the reactor section of fluid cokers: comparison of FCC and fluid coke particles. Song, Xuqi; Grace, John R.; Bi, Hsiaotao; Lim, C. Jim; Chan, Edward; Knapper, Brian; McKnight, Craig Apr 1, 2006 4506
A hydrodynamic study of a plasma lift reactor. Munholand, Luke; Quintal, Philippe; Soucy, Gervais Feb 1, 2006 6591
Experimental studies of hydrodynamics and regime transition in bubble columns. Thet, May Khin; Wang, Chi-Hwa; Tan, Reginald B.H. Feb 1, 2006 5862

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