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Hydrocarbon Analyzer Monitors for Ambient Air Contaminants.

ORRVILLE, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 22, 1999--Rosemount Analytical's new NGA 2000 McFID Gas Analyzer monitors for ambient air contaminants in sterilization processes. The McFID or Multi-Component Flame Ionization Detector is the latest addition to Rosemount Analytical's Next Generation analyzer series.

The McFID, which is based on the highly sensitive Flame Ionization Detection methodology, provides continuous on-line measurement of up to 4 different speciated hydrocarbons using a microprocessor controlled chromatographic separation technique. This analyzer can conduct exposure monitoring of hydrocarbon-based airborne contaminants regulated by OSHA standards.

The McFID can monitor single or multiple locations with the addition of appropriate sample stream switching. Instrument sensitivity ranges from 0 to 1 ppm full scale, up to percent by volume concentrations. The McFID's advanced measurement bench is separated into two discrete parts. The electronics section is separated from the pneumatics/detector section by a set of partitions. Coupled with the explosion-proof burner assembly, the McFID meets international safety standards without using a continuous dilution purge, a first in an instrument rated for General Purpose environments.

The McFID is available as a stand alone 19-inch rack mounted analyzer or as a "module" that can be linked into a multi-measurement analyzer system integrated by a high speed digital data network. Standard NGA Series features include: embedded temperature, pressure, and flow sensors with continuous monitoring of these variables; autoranging and remote ranging capability; four standard full scale ranges; and advanced "component level" diagnostics. Optional features include: alarms; autocalibration; current, voltage or serial outputs; and a selection of RS232 and RS485 AK or Modbus protocols.

The Process Analytic Division is one of the three companies that form Rosemount Analytical Inc., a division of Fisher-Rosemount. The Process Analytic Division specializes in online process analysis, combustion control, and emissions monitoring. The Uniloc Division specializes in online measurement of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide, chlorine, ozone and turbidity. Tekmar-Dohrmann specializes in sample preparation and laboratory analysis technology.

Fisher-Rosemount is a world-leading supplier of control valves, regulators, transmitters, analyzers, process management systems and related services. Its innovative PlantWeb(TM) field-based architecture combines intelligent Fisher-Rosemount products with open communication standards to significantly enhance process and business performance. Fisher-Rosemount is part of Emerson Electric Co. (NYSE:EMR).
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Date:Mar 22, 1999
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