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Hydraulic ram retrofit.

This hydraulic ram retrofit to the company's F270 Banbury mixer allows a customer to utilize an existing F270 Banbury mixer hopper shell and floating weight and retrofit a hydraulically actuated ram to obtain the benefits of hydraulic ram technology. Advantages of this hydraulic ram technology are said to include elimination of compressed air requirements, reducing operator costs; energy efficiency, providing energy savings; allowance for a mid-stroke stop position during ram lifts, shortening cycle time; the hydraulic hopper maintains a constant working pressure to the ram; and the motion of the ram is smoother and its speed can be controlled with the hydraulic power controlling the ingestion of materials, resulting in shorter mixing cycles and higher productivity and batch to batch repetition. Ram operation during mixing is not affected by variations in the plant compressed air supply, providing uniform and consistent process conditions, according to the company. This is said to result in increased product uniformity and repeatability, resulting in higher product quality, according to the manufacturer. (Farrel, 25 Main St., Ansonia, CT 06401)

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Date:Dec 22, 2003
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