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Hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic presses. This 20-page, four-color brochure highlights the superior design and durability of the company's side plate presses. Head block, ram cap, side plates and hot plates are machined from solid slabs of quality steel. Flexing under pressure of the head and ram cap is minimal because these parts are solid and not cored. Plus, these materials are rolled or forged instead of cast, to greatly diminish the possibility of hidden defects, according to the literature. The patented tapered key construction pre-stresses the side plate to ensure a tight fit at all times. This design also eliminates difficulties due to inaccuracies when the keyway must be closely machined to fit the key. Comers in the keys and keyways are accurately machined with large fillets to avoid stress concentration at these points. Customers may choose from a full range of pre-engienered options. (French Oil Mill Machinery)
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Title Annotation:Brochures
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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