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Hydraulic motors for washdown environments.

Dayton Lamina hydraulic motors feature a unique design that allows four times the torque to be produced at one-quarter the speed, without gear reducers. They are ideal for use in wetted environments and those subject to frequent washdown. Described as low-speed/high-torque motors, they also feature:

* A torque range from 0 to 656 in-lbs. and speeds from 0 to 2,255 RPM.

* Four flange options.

* A bronze-plated bearing surface, positive metal-to-metal sealing, a positive splined drive and a matched gerotor.

* The ability to perform with flow rates from 1 to 8 GPM to deliver from 100 to 1,500 PSI.

* Dayton Lamina;

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Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:May 1, 2015
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