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Hydraulic lab press.

An 18" x 18", 75-ton, serf-contained, motorized hydraulic laboratory press is available from the company. This press is said to be one of the most compact and durable laboratory presses in the industry today, occupying only a 3-1/2' x 2-1/2' area, where space in most labs is at a premium, according to the company.

This laboratory press is furnished with an energy efficient pump motor for quiet and reliable operation year after year with minimal maintenance, according to the company. The operator controls are said to be simple and user-friendly and can be furnished with PLC programmable controls, if desired. It is made of all steel heavy duty construction and delivers 75 tons of pressing force/capacity. Other platen sizes and tonnages are available.

This press comes with electrically heated, steam heated or hot oil heated platens, as well as water cooled platens. It is furnished with digital/programmable temperature controls for each platen, and has an adjustable pressure regulator with a large face pressure gauge. It comes completely pre-wired from the company's factory, ready to run upon installation. The press also comes equipped with the latest safety features, including dual anti-tie-down palm controls and safety guards at the press cavity perimeter for operator safety. Optional light curtains can also be furnished.

Optional features include multiple platens, bump/ vent cycles, stainless steel platens, surface wear plates, mold shuttles and work tables. The firm can design/build lab presses to customer specifications.

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