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Hybrid vigor for conveyers? Ashworth melds two kinds.

Hybrid vigor is a great thing for crops, and Ashworth thinks it's a great thing for conveyor belts, too: its latest innovation brings together the benefits of metal and plastic.

The Advantage 200 combines an acetal plastic contact surface with a backbone of rigid stainless steel rods for superior beam strength. This design enables the belt to support heavier loads without sagging, a problem common to belts utilizing plastic rods. Pull strength is said to be far superior to competing all-plastic belts, allowing the Advantage to operate in heavy duty spiral and turn-curve applications.

It is also said to provide the largest open area of any spiral belt on the market. This ensures maximum airflow for faster cooling and freezing, which in turn helps ensure product quality. The open module design and double-slotted links of the Advantage 200 resolve cleanability issues associated with all-plastic belts, which can have hidden surfaces that are inaccessible to conventional cleaning methods.
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Title Annotation:Processing & Packaging Technology
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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