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Hybrid controller.

"There's a sweet spot between 16-bit and 3 2-bit processors," says Scott Lynch, operations manager, DSP 0peration--8 & 16 Bit Div., at Motorola. His unit's 56F8300 chips package signal processing, fast flash program memory, and fast clock speeds in a single 16-bit device. In automotive applications, Motorola is aiming the chip--dubbed a "hybrid" because it combines micro-controller and digital signal processor [DSP] capabilities on a single silicon core--at drive-by-wire applications, or where there is need For precise control of an electric motor. Not only can the 56F8300 drive a fully electric power steering system, it can use that same ability to make real-time torque decisions and digitally process signals to drive seat or wiper motors without the need For a position sensor or, in many cases, reduction gears, "Some 0EMs are looking at this chip to give memory seats a 'soft-stop' feature, and it could be used to monitor torque loading on wiper motors without the need for additional sensors or a load fuse when it hits an obstruction." Still other companies are reportedly looking to it for help in more efficiently controlling the output of drive motors in hybrid vehicles. For more information, visit:
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