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Hutchison Telecom Awards Motorola Over US$10 Million High-Speed Data and Internet Access Contract.

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64Kbps Rate Will Make High-Speed Wireless Internet Access Possible

Motorola, Inc.'s (NYSE: MOT) Network Solutions Sector (NSS) and Hutchison Telecom today announced an agreement for the commercial delivery of 64Kbps high-speed wireless Internet access to Hutchison's mobile subscribers. At a press conference during the 5th Annual CDMA World Congress here at the Hong Kong's Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hutchison Telecom announced the award of an over-US$10 million contract for Motorola NSS's high-speed wireless Internet access solution.

Based on the cdmaOne TIA/EIA-IS-95B standard, Hutchison Telecom subscribers will be able to access the Internet at speeds of up to 64Kbps. It will be the fastest cellular phone packet data transmission service in Hong Kong.

Hutchison Telecom and its CDMA operator counterparts around the world have seen their cellular technology gain more new subscribers faster than any other.

"Hutchison's pioneering efforts in cellular service to customers have reached a new higher ground with our plan to deploy Motorola NSS's high-speed wireless Internet access technology," said Cliff Woo, Deputy Managing Director and Wireless Networks Director of Hutchison Telecom. "To migrate to a 3G wirefree communications world and maintain our leadership position in the marketplace, we will continue to invest over HK$500 million in the coming year for the 2.5G development," Mr. Woo added.

The deployment of IS-95B high-speed packet data technology marks Orange's ability to deliver users the most advanced wireless communications applications through its high quality network. With the provision of the most innovative WAP service and content, plus an ever fast and reliable wireless Internet access environment, the Orangeworld users can enjoy the unprecedented wireless internet service in town.

Motorola NSS's packet data solution is spectrally efficient for "bursty" Internet applications. The system permits multiple users to share channels for the transmission of data, dramatically increasing the efficiency. In contrast, conventional circuit switched approaches can only allocate a single user to a channel for the entire duration of the call.

This is possible because the packet service operates in two states: active and dormant. When a wireless device is in an active state, it is assigned a traffic channel to transfer data. But when it is not actively sending data, it enters a dormant mode, thereby releasing the traffic channel while it continues to maintain an open, virtual connection to the network.

Motorola NSS's ability to provide a dormant mode capability makes its high-speed data offering unique. And because this feature ensures the most efficient use of the available RF spectrum, the consumer benefits by being billed only for the active portion of packet data calls. Besides saving on atrium billing, packet data's dormant mode extends handset battery life.

"The time for wireless data is now, as cell phones have hit the mass market and the Internet has created an open global standard," said Bruce Duysen, Motorola, Inc. Sr. Director, Business Operations of NSS's Asia Pacific Customer Solutions Group. "The successful commercial launch of 64Kbps high-speed wireless Internet access in Hong Kong and elsewhere represents another step in Motorola's continuing global plan to provide network operators with a complete end-to-end solution for their telecommunication needs -- from networks to applications to handsets," Duysen added.

About Hutchison Telecom

Hutchison Telecom is the largest mobile phone operator in Hong Kong with a subscriber base of over 1.45 million, representing the largest share of the local market. Hutchison Telecom unveiled it's world-first CDMA commercial network in 1995 and its Asian first Dual Band GSM network in 1998. In May 2000, Hutchison Telecom launched the Orangeworld wirefree internet service as a groundbreaking initiative in the development of the mobile internet market in Hong Kong. Hutchison Telecom is actively expanding further its portfolio of services offerings in mobile internet, high-speed data communications and m-commerce services, as well as developing IS95B and GPRS technologies, as part of its migration to 3G. For more information about Hutchison Telecom, please visit the Company's website:

About Motorola

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is a global leader in providing integrated communications and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 1999 were $33.1 billion. For more information about Motorola, visit the web site at
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