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Hutch holds everything the barbecue needs.

Hutch holds everything the barbecuer needs

Sturdy and convenient, this hutch providesstorage and preparation space next to a barbecue. Marie and George Brenner of Benicia, California, made the shed-roofed box from scrap 5/8-inch plywood siding, lag-screwing the back panel to the wall studs of their house.

The hutch is about a foot deep, 2 feetwide, 4 feet high. Inside are five shelves, as well as a hinged fold-down counter that provides extra workspace. The drawings show how the counter swings down, then opens to rest on metal hardware screwed to the back of the door, the left-hand counter bottom, and the right inside wall of the hutch.

As a bonus, the open door serves to blockthe prevailing westerlies off the Carquinez Strait. When barbecuing's done, the door closes to hide the clutter.

Photo: Upper and lower hook-and-eyelatches keep hutch door securely closed

Photo: Door opens to revealseveral storage compartments and a fold-down work counter that locks into place

Photo: To support the work counter,aluminum L on panel bottom locks behind bar spaced 1/4 inch off door. An L-shaped arm pivots down on right to support other side
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Date:Jul 1, 1987
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