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Since we have been researching disposables producers this month for Part Two of our feature on the top end product manufacturers, we have obviously been more conscious of changes in disposables markets and changes in the industry as a result. As I read the Sunday newspaper and clipped weekly manufacturers coupons, I was surprised by the number of advertisements for nonwoven end products. I actually stopped and counted-out of 20 coupons, a full 25% were for nonwoven products. Three coupons were for Kimberly-Clark products, touting the company's newest diaper entry, "Huggies Ultra Trims," advertising a buy one, get one free" promotion for feminine hygiene products and promoting the current line extension to K-C's baby diaper line, "Huggies Baby Wipes." Also available this week was a discount on P&G's "Downy" fabric softener sheets and savings on "Folgers Singles," the newest tea-bag like promotion for brewing single cups of coffee.

It is interesting to note that these are all single use nonwoven products being advertised and none mention the word nonwovens in the promotion. All of them, however, described the attributes that nonwovens bring to the product...softer...thicker...thinner...more get the idea. Even as the industry changes, debate on this topic has continued for years-should nonwoven end products be known as nonwoven end products or by the attributes that the average consumer understands and appreciates?

The camps remain divided, even among NONWOVENS INDUSTRY'S editorial staff. There are those who feel that the end product manufacturer should be the one to determine what information the ultimate consumer is given, while others feel that nonwovens as an industry would benefit from consumers knowing about--and requesting--nonwovens. Which is true? There's no easy answer.
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Author:Noonan, Ellen
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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