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Hurricane Katrina index.

IN APRIL, with just weeks left to go before hurricane season, President Bush and Congress were still fussing about how much funding to give New Orleans for reconstructing levees. Here's some of the story in numbers:

$2.035 billion: The estimated cost to build levees that would protect New Orleans from a category 5 hurricane

3: Category of Hurricane Katrina when it hit New Orleans

2: Category of hurricane that the Army Corp of Engineers is currently authorized to build Louisiana levees

118: Square miles of Louisiana wetlands lost to Katrina and Rita

2.7: The miles of wetlands it takes to hold back 1 foot of storm surge

0: Federal dollars committed so far for wetland restoration in Louisiana beyond existing programs

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Title Annotation:GULF COAST UPDATE
Publication:Colorlines Magazine
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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